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Best Sci Fi on Netflix


We are witness to how Netflix came and conquered the best Sci Fi web series domain with various genres and content that made it the ultimate king. The genre of science and fiction is one of the biggest successes out there. This Sci fi Tv Shows is not at all new to us. It deals with the imagination and the concepts mostly what the future might look like. This is where we all relate to it as let’s accept we do wonder about the same, right? This Science Fiction genre is and always will be binge-watchers all-time favorite. It usually never lets you down as far as the audience’s expectations are concerned. This is what makes us wonder and feel connected to Sci fi Fantasy.
So I have brought you a list of best Science and fiction Netflix series you might want to give a shot at watching.
Here are my reviews and description to give you a better understanding as to what each series holds for you.

Stranger Things

Netflix Stranger Things
IMDb – 8.8/10 – 8.9/10
Rotten Tomatoes – 93%
Genre – Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Horror
Are you millennial and bored with watching the same things and events happening around? Looking for some rare and different experiences? If yes, congratulations the wait is over. Netflix brings you an extraordinary and vintage American series of a group of young friends with ‘Stranger Things’. The plot revolves around the classic 1980’s time, giving you all the nostalgic feelings from Indiana. The series is all about unraveling the supernatural and strange things happening with young friends who are eager to solve a mysterious incident.
The creator’s Matt and Ross Duffer assure their audience a handful of excitement, drama, and thrill.

Stranger Things – Season 1

Released Date- 15th July 2016
The first season is a treat to watch the things set in 1983 with a modern-day touch of Science-Fiction and thrill. The story starts when a young boy disappears into thin air while cycling home. His mother, police officer, and friends are on a search hunt when they encounter terrifying happenings, strange events, and mysterious stories. Along with it, they witness one strange character i.e. a little girl named Eleven. The Duffer brothers have made a remarkable masterpiece which is irresistible to watch. The first season ends with perfectly calibrated 8 episodes and a solid climax with an exceptionally remarkable cast. Scary, creepy and addictive, Stranger Things is millennia’s new choice.

Stranger Things – Season 2

Released Date- 27th October 2017
Season 1 is a massive success; Duff brothers had a huge responsibility to do justice with the sequel. For me, the creators did their job well in not screwing up season 2 unlike what usually happens with other web series. The sequel story is well-constructed keeping the darkness and weirdness alive. With the return of Will, creators have added some new characters and weaved a new story although keeping the previous one alive. This season is viewed as a bigger, h3er and scarier one when compared to the previous one, which I completely agree with. However, it has its highs and lows of cinematography, visual effects and story interpretation but the climax was served cleverly to the audience. All in all, with every episode you discover something dramatic and out of the box.

Stranger Things – Season 3

Released Date- 4th July 2019
Season 3 was a much-awaited season for finding the answers yet it again left the audience with a suspenseful death. It aired after a two-year break from season 2. You have to give the credits to the flawless and spectacular ending that the Duff brother has given to this season. They made it a point to keep the Sci-Fi touch original with this season making it one of the best crafts of the web. This season offers you emotional relationships, leading women characters and tremendously heart wrenching climax of Hoper’s death. However, I feel the ideas and plots have been creative but it didn’t do well on the execution part. The first few episodes were no less than a hard slog. Thankfully, the last few exciting episodes compensated for the rest. With one episode less than previous seasons, I feel the series is spectacular and a treat to watch!


Sci fi Netflix Show - The Defender

IMDb- 7.3/10
Rotten Tomatoes- 78%
Genre- Science-fiction, Crime, Action-Adventure
To all the marvel fans this show is one big of a treat. The Defenders is a marvels TV series adaptation of its comic. For those who are noobs to marvel universe, it is a Netflix’s adaptation to the Avenger. As the name suggests, the show is about a group of heroes coming together to fight against the villain.

Release Date- 18th August 2017
The first two episodes are quite boring and slow since they are an introduction to the four heroes. They are engaged in telling the new viewers about the heroes and their abilities. Things start to get interesting from the third episode, where the storyline takes a turn and also starts being a marvel series action too. So the show comprises of Daredevil, our lead hero who is blind, relying only on his senses. The next one on the list is Jessica Jones who has brute strength. Lukas Cage, a guy with superhuman strength and last but not the least Iron Fist, who has mystical power in his fist. The series is short, comprising of eight episodes. Good for those who are looking for short action web series. The series starts with all the heroes investigating their own story but ends up having the same villain of their investigation. However, for Marvel fans, it’s a bit disappointing on some levels. Iron fist as shown in the live-action show is very disappointing on too many levels. He is shown as some kid with supernatural power and not mature enough to use them, which is the complete opposite as shown in the comic. In the 7th episode, Iron fist loses his cool and opens a portal that he was not supposed to. Daredevil leads the team of superheroes in this web series. The screenplay is pretty impressive, good enough to make one go for the next episode. The story writing as for the villain is thrilling; the character goes by the name of ALEXANDRA REID. As good as the character is, injustice has been done in the role play. She could’ve been shown fiercer as is in the comic.
SUMMARY- Marvels the defender is reasonably a good show having just eight episodes, enough to make it in the list of ‘watchable’. The writers did a good job of wrapping up the show in eight episodes or else it just would’ve been extending things a bit too far for no reason at all.


Lost in Space - Sci fi Netflix Show

Rotten tomatoes- 75% 8/10
Genre- Science fiction, adventure fiction, drama
As the name goes the series is about a space journey that is filled with adventures on its way. As the poster goes there is an image of a robot looking thing and a boy. So yes the space journey also involves a robot, which is supposed to make things much more interesting.

Lost in Space – Season 1

Release Date- 13th April 2017
The season starts with the Robinson family who is in the spotlight of this show. Earth is getting polluted day by day and some decided to take and move the human colony to a different galaxy where the planet can sustain human life know as ALPHA CENTURI. The Robinsons is one such family chosen to colonize the Alpha Centuri. The episodes start with as usual the introduction to the plot but unlike many web series the plot reveal is quite sleazy and boring for the viewers. The hype created by the trailers before release was not up to the mark. Anyway moving on further in the story, the Robinson family’s spaceship encounters some problem and crash lands onto a planet which later comes to their notice that they are way off from their course. On the same planet one daughter of Robinsons gets trapped in ice and the rest of the family is unable to recover her. While in search of some tools or anything that might help them save their daughter and sister son of Robinson, Will comes across an unusual looking piece of metal and decides to take a look. To his surprise that metal thing was a robot. This was so far the most exciting part of the series. One might think the series may be better after this. The robot feels in some kind of debt to the boy who saved him and decides to follow him. The boy takes him to his sister which of course saves her in return. In the middle of the season, the writers gave us a surprise by introducing our villainous Dr. Smith along with a ship mechanic (not villainous) on the same planet as the Robinsons. By the end of the season, the robot helps the family stranded on this planet to get back to their space station. Somewhere in this, it feels like the writers themselves are getting to try and unfold the story right there and then, that’s why the story revolves around the same thing for quite some unnecessary time. It’s like they are chipping away the giant block of ice to look for a story within. In the last episode when the robot helps them to get to the Resolute for everybody’s surprise there is one more robot who is of course evil and a big fight emerges between the two, which leave the resolute in shatters n Robinsons scattered again.

Lost in Space – Season 2

Release date- 24th December 2019
Lost in Space season 2, way far better than season 1, again this series meant for all age audience, is better for kids, but the slow pace and boring for the adults. The series starts with the Robinson family stranded in the ocean like the planet and it takes 2 whole episodes to get back on track to the story. This season focuses more on other aspects of the story than just the Robinsons. 3rd episode is about them getting off that planet and getting in touch with the rest of the people from the Resolute. Thereafter the storyline again becomes dull. Will is looking for his robot friend who got separated in the last episode of season1. However, we come across a twist in this story, the Robinsons gradually learns the secret behind the engine used by the Resolute. It is the engine of an alien spaceship and that is why they encountered the robot alien contact. The evil robot wanted to recover the engine which belonged to them. Later in the episodes when the people are again ready to continue their journey to the ALPHA CENTURI, the whole army of evil robots raids the resolute and then there is the fight of survival which of course humans win. All in all, I will say Lost in Space gives a very safe plot and that’s why the hype it created wasn’t able to live up to that. The show is great for the kids since its family drama, nothing much graphic and on the safe side but it gets disappointing at some points. It can be seen as wholesome fun for sci-fi fans.


Green Arrow - Sci fi Netflix Show
IMDb- 7.6/10
Rotten tomatoes- 85%
Genre- Science-Fiction, drama, superhero, mystery
Adapted from the comic, Green arrow is an American web series. It is packed with action, drama, crime and too much fun. Just like any other hero web series, the show gives an insight between how they all fight crime and make friends along the way.

Green Arrow – Season 1

Release date- 10th October 2012
Season 1 is all about the introduction of Oliver Green who is the Green Arrow. The season starts with Oliver stranded on the island which is all in the flashback. Long ago, Oliver had an incident with his family and friends on a boat where they meet with an accident and unfortunately Oliver and his dad are presumed to be dead. Only Oliver is very much alive on an island far from all the civilization. The season is very much exciting even though it tells us about the past life of the protagonist. After spending some significant years of his life on the island, Oliver comes back to Starling City, where he notices the crime rate and decides to take things in his control. Oliver Queen is also in his life who is a Billionaire. So to become a vigilante is quite easy for him. Season 1 is all about who Green Arrow is and why he decided to fight crime.

Green Arrow – Season 2

Release Date- 9th October 2013
Season 2 showcases and balances out the storyline between Oliver’s personal life and his arrow life. In personal life, Oliver depicts himself as the billionaire playboy and a carefree person. However, the only thing is that the actor fails to enact the playboy lifestyle of the character. Other than that the character of Arrow is played pretty well which is quite intense and grumpy. This season also shows the team of arrow who helps him in fighting the crime, Felicity Smoak who is brains behind the computer and prefers working indoors. The season is also full of flashbacks so the viewers get the idea of his previous life. The enemy is quite good in the series and hence the action sequence ultimately becomes thrilling. It also shows the family troubles keeping in mind to be connected to the viewers.

Green Arrow – Season 3

Release Date- 8th October 2014
Season 3 was great in the sense of following the story and moving on from Oliver and Slade (villain) interactions. Really not at all surprised in the way the directors decided to head in the storyline. Further in the season character of Oliver felt lost in his life as Oliver Queen as it was his daytime identity. Also, Ray Palmer who acquired Oliver enterprises also made a significant dent in Oliver’s personal life by involving Felicity Smoak. This was one big ass reason for why Oliver felt lost. All this drama is alright but really unnecessary. But yes being a web series this drama is also interesting for some category of the audience. Every time a scene conveyed a cool contort that appeared to reveal insight into the show’s bigger heading, the force would begin to drag. But it took long for Ra’s al Ghul and the League of Assassins who posed as villain longer still before it turned out to be clear what danger they presented to Starling City. The show wandered and dive into subplots like Laurel’s boxing preparing and Oliver’s quest for his sister who is abusing drugs. Other than that the biggest threat for the fans was to see the collaborated episode between Flash and the Arrow.

Green Arrow – Season 4

Release Date- 7th October 2015
Season 4 was really good and did an amazing job of introducing the villain of the season Damien Darhk. Darhk and his fanatically steadfast HIVE operators supplanted Ra’s al Ghul and the League of Assassins. Darhk himself was constantly a feature. Also, Darhk’s heavenly powers additionally opened the entryway for the more extensive DC Universe. With visitor appearances for everybody from John to Vandal Savage this season, it was really exciting how far the arrangement has originated from the good old days where rival bowmen were the most noticeably awful thing Green Arrow needed to fight with. The Oliver/Felicity sentiment kept on being one of the show’s main attractions this year. However, when he lost her, it wasn’t the city to blame, yet rather his own poor decisions causing issues down the road for him. This season showed some of the best fight scenes in the show’s history.

Green Arrow – Season 5 to 8

5th October 2016- 15 October 2019
I would like to give a collective review from season 5 to 8. The rest of the season is what one can say very much predictable. The thing about shows which have more than 5 seasons is that they witness a huge drawback as the storyline follows the same pattern. The pattern is easy to guess. The same thing follows with the Arrows also. Every season is about him fighting the crime with just a small twist which is no more surprising. The only thing to look out for in this show for the rest of the season is the personal life of Oliver Queen, which is very little shown about per episode. Yes, of course, the villain and the enemy vary from season to season but it all follows the same theme wherein the enemy seems much more powerful but in the end, arrow emerges even more powerful. But hey isn’t that what all the heroic shows are about, triumph over evil. Arrow gives the fan a thrill of excitement in many ways possible. Other than that the drama is also pretty good. Things are really interesting in the starting season but the latter season is a bit slow but nothing at all to be blamed for because after all, it is the adaptation of the comic.


Sense8 - Sci fi Netflix Show

IMDb- 8.3/10
Rotten Tomatoes- 86%
Genre- Science fiction; Drama
Sense8 has a fascinating premise and is about 8 people connected physiologically. They can connect, learn and do far many things created by Lana and Lilly Wachowski and J. Michael Straczynski. These three brought us a whole different insight and thought on the neural network which I think none of us might have thought about.

Sence8 – Season 1

Release Date- 5th June 2015
The series starts its first season with 8 people who are from different parts of the world, eventually finds out that they are all connected. They can share feelings, thoughts, knowledge, and experiences. Now, they never told why this is so but it doesn’t matter at all because the show is truly exciting. So, the show gives us an insight into what’s happening with each character in their personal life and what’s happening overall. The art in this show is really beautiful. Like the cinematography, the script and also takes you to different parts of the world. Unfortunately the show never really takes off; it still feels like the story is stuck there. We get that there are 8 main characters but even till episode 9 or 12, one might feel like the episodes are blocks of different scenes and you are still waiting for the story to advance with time. Some scenes do that but they are only a few. Sense8 usually focuses on character development besides anything else. The action scenes are awesome and cool especially when multiple members start picking fights together. Sometimes some scenes are unnecessary which feels like the writers are out of the story and extending the duration of show unnecessarily. I would say Sense8 has a great premise that never really reaches its full potential. However, there are some wonderful characters and story in there which makes a difference and worth watching.

Sence8 – Season 2

Release Date- 5th May 2017
The show gives a beautiful expression of love and human connections and what real identity is. These 8 characters are still hiding from their common enemy ‘Wispher’ and mysterious organization ‘BPO’. The first season opens up tons of action sequence which are adored by the viewers. One can say the success of the show is because of its action sequel. The idea that these 8 can not only be connected but also inhabits one another, leaves to gorgeously edited sequences. Sense8 is at its best when many storylines crisscrosses when emotional pains and triumphs are shared across the world. The conspiracy theory plot doesn’t make sense but yes it is entertaining. Season 2 gives X-Men vibe. One can also look out for the twists in an individual’s power which seem quite interesting. Season 2 takes the building blocks of season 1 and makes it into a wild ride continuing with the beautiful cinematography around the world. The result is this season is quite fun to watch and puzzling to follow. The shows positivity and seasons promotion to human connection is one thing worth appreciating. At last, I will say, the show is great because it focuses on friendship and human connection. The action scenes are thrilling and give you a reason to stick to the series. I have to agree even though it has a slow pace it manages to be attractive enough to the viewers which kept the series going. One can applaud the efforts put into this show by the makers which are crystal clear.


Daredevil Sci fi Netflix
IMDb- 8.6/10 9.2/10
Rotten Tomatoes- 92%
Genre- Science-Fiction, Action, Drama, Crime
Daredevil is one of the best Marvel’s comic creations which is more of an adaptation of its comic. The story revolves around Matt Murdock who is a lawyer by profession also handicapped by blindness. During the day he is a lawyer and by night he is the very famous hero of Hell’s Kitchen, the daredevil.

Daredevil – Season 1

Release Date- 10th April 2015
The season had got all the marvel fans excited and thrilled. Now, because of some accident he had in his childhood, Matt loses his sight but in return, his other senses are heightened. The guy can even hear heartbeats of others catching them when they are lying. On paper, he is a superhero but technically he is just a guy trying to make a difference. The series doesn’t show who the hero is but shows the crime drama, which is the best thing in a superhero movie. So Matt along with his lawyer friends trying to make a difference in society by going pro bono in every case realizes some crimes just cannot be dealt with the justice system. So that is when our superhero is born, also known as a man with no fear. All the relationships shown in the series do add another flavor to the action. I have to agree it’s one of the extremely fun shows that exist in the real world. This show is packed with some serious action. The flashbacks in the life of Matt help us to understand his background and ultimately his story. How can I not mention one of the main aspects of this show, ‘Wilson Fisk’, the notorious kingpin who’s causing havoc in Hell’s kitchen! The season even has one whole episode dedicated to Fisk, just to show why he is the way he is. The season has no negatives to point out. It does justice to the hearts of Marvel fans and sci-fi loving millennial.

Daredevil – Season 2

Release Date- 18th March 2016
Matt Murdock, a blind lawyer along with his associate is looking into a ring of ninjas known as ‘the Hand’. Season 2 is good but season 1 already won hearts. The introduction of the new character ‘Elecktra’ made the whole season exceptionally rocky. The season also introduced ‘The Punisher’ in the first half which was full of action, drama and a sight to behold. The cinematography was improved when looked at the first season. The costume was also improved and it added a different vibe to the story. Rest is as followed in the season 1 itself. The only thing is the writers failed somewhere, as the season seemed to bit boring. To conclude I will say, Blind lawyer by day and vigilante by night, daredevil was a real subtle superhero incredibly well played. No complaints at all. It didn’t create any hype but lived up to the expectations. All the elements were worth applauding, the production and the action sequence was more realistic which had a nostalgic effect of marvels on the viewers.


Series Gamer - OA Netflix Sci Fi
IMDb- 7.9/10 8.3/10
Rotten Tomatoes- 84%
Genre- Science Fiction, Supernatural
The OA is an American mystery with a lot of drama presented as a web-television series. The plot about a girl who disappears for a few years and resurfaces claiming she has some powers.

The OA – Season 1

Release Date- 16th December 2016
The season dives right into the story of a young blind girl who goes missing. 7 years later she resurfaces and she can see, not blind anymore, this is where the show picks up from. The ‘OA’ stands for ‘ORIGINAL ANGLE’. That’s what the girl calls herself after she comes back. At first, we don’t understand what she means or what it signifies. The girl goes on and she recruits 5 people from the local school, 4 students and 1 teacher. This is where the shows reveal its supernatural aspects fulfilling all the sci-fi enthusiasts. It starts when the girl tells those 5 people about where she was for the past 7 years. This series is insight about some deep philosophical questions that everybody in their lives thinks for at least once-what it feels like after death? Where do we go after death? This is where I was stunned and the series-connected personally to me. It also has an intense diversity of people which is good to look at. It gives us some insights into other dimensions too. Another thing to look out for is the mystery and suspense this show creates. Too much of these is a sign of bad show because towards the end the viewers are trying to figure out what the series is all about. The season ends with too many mysteries unsolved which are good in a way because there is where makers get to keep the audience to watch season 2. The adverse effect can be seen as many characters abandoned the show which is not to be blamed for. Later, in the show, we get to know a few people like her also got kidnapped the same way and she is looking for them.

The OA – Season 2

Release Date- 22nd March 2019
Season 2 contains and expresses a lot of flashbacks which are really interesting and very helpful for the story. Even after 3 years, the second season was picked up exactly from where the previous season ended. This season has followed different timelines, which if you are not paying attention to might not be easy to understand and you will be perplexed as to what’s happening. The good thing is everything is connected and balanced even though the stories are from multiverses. Some watchers will naturally be baffled by the rate at which The OA forces new inquiries and assembles new secrets. There’s the feeling that we will be left hanging once more. The creators Marling and Batmanglij made quite a complicated of a show, left with too many mysteries and the audience in a way might feel these mysteries are to be solved by them and not the story that does that. The show is brand new with this concept, all thanks and wishes to the creators. Although the show is not for someone looking for something light, this one surely needs brains and a lot of attention to watch. Such new storylines are really what audience interested in science and fiction craves for and appreciates. This series also tells us that there are still writers out there with some original and extraordinary content.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror - Netflix Sci fi
IMDb- 8.8/10
Rotten Tomatoes- 83%
Genre- Science-Fiction, Psychological thriller, Dystopia
Black Mirror is an anthology series that revolves around a group of people’s personal lives and how technology manipulates their behavior. It examines modern society, particularly about the unanticipated consequences of new technologies.
The only thing about the black mirror as the web series is the episodes are not at all related, every new episode means different story. Therefore, I will be giving reviews episode wise.

Black Mirror – Season 1

Release Date- 4th December 2011
One thing that I liked is the number of episodes is very less in each season ranging from 3 to 5, which some might not like. The series is dark and shows what might happen if the technologies we use now get overpowered in the future. The season starts with the prime minister of Britain who learns that the nation’s loving and darling princess has been kidnapped. The kidnappers say she will be executed publicly. To save the beloved princess the ransom kidnappers ask for something very uncalled unexpected that the prime minister must engage in sexual activities with the pig on live television for the princess to be safe. The storyline is just as indulging as you would expect, the only thing is that even being so dark it feels like to watch what happens. Fifteen Million Merits is about the near future where everyone is on their bicycles to save the earth from pollution so one receives credits that can be utilized to buy some things, in this case, different types of experiences. One of the main things these people buy is an experience in Britain’s Got Talent. Which is an unscripted TV show, which needs eye dropping, whooping 15m credits just to enter? The thing about that show is that the panel of judges appointed are shallow and aren’t generally intrigued by the genuine talent. The character enters and sings because she tunks her voice is something she should share with others, but the judges force her to turn into a pornography star for a channel. After that, another member gives up on his routine and shows his hatefulness towards the panel of the judges. In the 3rd episode, every character has something in their brain, known as a “grain”, which allows them to record their memories. With the help of a small controller, they can rewind and rewatch all that they’ve seen. Also referred to as “re-do”, it can be seen in the individual’s head or on any close by the screen for all to witness. The innovation helps settle arguments about who said what, but one character goes too far when he thinks his girlfriend is cheating on him with someone else. The result of this is devastating for him.
Black Mirror is quite very much disturbing for its viewers. Very different from everything else that is on web series.

Black Mirror – Season 2

Release Date- 11th February 2013
Episode 1 is about a young couple madly in love. Some days later, into the wedding Ash is killed while working on something. Martha’s friend Sarah informs her about another assistance that lets people keep in contact with their loved ones after their death. By making use of all his past online presence and web-based life profiles, another personality can be made. Martha not at all impressed by the idea but then since missing out on her love she finally gives in. Another episode is about a device that is a sort of population controller. Where some group of elite people erases the existence of the people below them. Those people have their identity erased from the rest of the world. The protagonist then decides to take control of her hand to find the device and make things go back to normal. The third episode is about the life of a failed comedian. The comedian decides to voice a character in the late-night show who becomes very famous and is loved by the audience. At a point the channel decides to give Waldo its very own show, the creator sends him into a political race. The comedian isn’t happy with governmental issues – he just considers himself to be a comedian – but once it all started happening he feels comfortable and then later realized there’s no going back from this addiction.

Black Mirror – Season 3

Release Date- 21st October 2016
Here, the first episode is about a working woman who is very shy. She likes the social networking platform and craves for attention but isn’t able to do so. She finds a way but that lands herself in some very deep troubles. For me, this is taking things way too far. It just feels like someone’s overthinking is led to the creation of this episode. The second episode features an American traveler who is short on money and looking for a quick buck, very much common with the youth. He then signs up on the test in a gaming system which is considered too revolutionary technology. Only to his surprise, the thrill is a bit too real. One can say with this web series I think everybody saw it coming, not so surprising given the gaming has become such an obsession of the millennia’s. The 3rd episode is very relatable and my personal favorite. A teen boy working and addicted to the lifestyle of technology come across a virus that leaves him with a very serious choice in his life. He receives text messages with some instructions which he has to follow or else very intimate secrets of his life be made public as a punishment. Being in the same age group as this boy, this one got to me and hence by far the best episode ever made. Episode 4 is about simulated reality and the story of two lovers. San Juperino is a simulated beachside place where the elderly can visit to have a good time. The two lovers meet and confess their love for each other. All in all, a good episode just the fact that it is not as dark as the rest of the web series. The two protagonists live a very tough life and don’t have a happy ending at all. That was pretty disheartening. The baseline of the story was pretty much the same but the way of conveying was indeed unique. Episode 5 is about the story of two soldiers and how the technology has invaded the military. The soldiers have advance tech which helps them to identify the enemy, only thing is that tech for one of the solider gets corrupted which lands him into big trouble along with his friend. The episode gave the audience some insight into what might happen in future technology and its use in the military.

Black Mirror – Season 4

Release Date- 29th December 2017
The starting episode of season one is a big mess. A big firm has this simulated reality game which is called a riff off of star trek. A recruit programmer soon learns that whatsoever is taking place, these cloning happening and the people around them are not at all what it seems. I don’t have much to write as it was difficult to wrap my mind around it,.I have to agree it left me a bit flummoxed. Episode 2 of this season is adapted from the daily life of every parent. This episode is about a monitoring technology that helps a mother keep an eye on her daughter all the time. This also gives the benefits of stress level, obscenity censor of her daughter by which she can ensure her daughter is safe and raised well. All is good until this tech starts to affect the life of her daughter. All those filters block her thinking and she becomes socially outcast. The mother soon then deactivates all those things only to learn her daughter is into drugs. As much as this episode is favored in the case of mother it hurts the daughter in many ways. Showing too much reliance on technology has far more effects than not using it. Episode 3 is way dark as far as the screenplay is concerned. Here the protagonist in her past helped cover a murder along with her friend. Years later when her accomplice tries to undo their mistake, out of fear she kills him. Only killing him was just the beginning to hide the murder she carries on and commit a couple of other killings. This was in a very dark way conveying that to hide lies one has to tell more lies. I appreciate the thinking put into this imagination. 4th episode is one big treat for the love birds or who are into the romance genre. But, wait there is a technological twist. The episode uses similar tech of Tinder only with the advancement that couple matches and spend 12 hours together after which they decide they are perfect for each other or that is controlled by the app. They decide to rebel and finally above all, love wins. Unpredictable but fun to watch although the base of the story was very common. In a zest 5th and 6th episodes, it is about abandoned distribution center, individuals searching for supplies comes across a deadly enemy and their attempt to escape through the barren desert. Along a deserted expressway, an explorer finds a museum highlighting intricate and rare artifacts. One of the rare criminal artifacts standing out, it messes the explores day and I think he wished he never came across such thing.

Black Mirror – Season 5

Release Date- 5th June 2019
The best scenes of Black Mirror are the ones having a similar and very familiar thought process behind them and the evil ending gets to you. The same thing can be observed in the 1st episode, where two childhood friends decide to meet virtually on a gaming platform. Despite having really good relations with their real-life partners, these friends involve in some graphic action and pornographic content. Although the story writing is to be appreciated for, it becomes quite disturbing for the audience below a certain age. The second episode was the least successful of them all. It’s just plain old story about the kidnapping of someone higher in social satire. The 3rd episode is about a girl and her AI doll who she relies heavily upon. She discovers the doll has an adverse effect on her but she was too late as everything starts falling apart in her life. The episode was good enough but too much picturization of future tech ended up annoying me. Charlie Brooker did one hell of a job in writing this series. One of the biggest hits in web series is Black Mirror which isn’t surprising given how famous it got with the audience and their demand for more. The only thing advisable is that this web series in some way might harm some viewers and also I guess not made for weak-hearted. Binge-watching the series might give one some serious nightmare. However, it is worth falling and watching for.


Punisher Sci fi Netflix
IMDb- 8.5/10 8.5/10
Rotten Tomatoes- 63%
Genre- Science Fiction, Crime, Action
Marvel’s The Punisher, is an American is a web series created for Netflix and the credit goes to Steve Lightfoot. The series revolves around Frank Castle who is on his journey to avenge the death of his family and to find the one responsible for it.

The Punisher – Season 1

Release Date- 17th November 2017
Where can I start, Marvel’s The Punisher is not easy but also not a complicated story to tell. As every Marvel story’s hero has some or other costume, punisher (not much of a hero) also has his logo of one big ass skull painted on his chest of his armor. The storyline could easily be transformed into the remorse pleasure of Frank Castle, yet it does not do so. If one pays enough attention then the storyline followed by punisher is the harsh reality of today’s society, but just the fact a guy decides to stand up to that cruelty. Punisher gave all the best movements along with some of the best fighting scenes in the Marvel universe. Frank Castle as shown in the series is one big killing machine killing all those who harmed his loved one. One with weak hearts is advised to stay away from this web series as it shows terrifying graphics and action scenes that might get in one’s head. However, by the end of the season, the reasons behind his doings give the show its real essence. The character of Frank is a tough one to play because he is scariest and means serious business. To balance out all this seriousness there is Karen. Whenever he is around Karen he is a mellow person and for some audience that might be touchy. Except for them, there are some really good characters worth watching and appreciating. One good thing about the show is that it builds its world which one might relate to unlike some action movie or series too. If you are an admirer of violence and great graphics, then punisher is defiantly worth all your time. There is also the story of Karen Page, a character from daredevil who here feels forced and unnecessary. Instead, some new characters with the same some could’ve been much better.

The Punisher – Season 2

Release Date- 18th January 2019
In season 1 Frank finally tracks down everyone responsible for the death of his family. After that Frank is a free man with no more hunting to do. Having so much hate and vengeance and suddenly leaving that behind doesn’t seem easy for a man like that. That’s when the series takes a turn and reveals more about his past and it is the story everyone needs to see. When franks decide to live in peace and find romance with local bartender-the trouble comes to the bar and frankly Frank could just not leave it alone. The season is all about him saving a teenager from trouble. So if one looks into it there was no need to introduce season 2. But with the popularity of season 1, I think the writers had different thoughts. The season is also packed with lots of action scene and of course, they are graphic too. The only big concern of this show is that season1 being so good, viewers do have to accept the season 2. I would say it is a new and nice addition to the superhero series list. The web series is compelling and the performance delivered by the actors is worth extolling. Also, the producer Gail Barringer did exceptionally well and justified the action scenes. Even in the slow and weak moments the series never really felt dull.

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