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Grand Auto Theft 4

Released in December of 2008, the game is 11th in the series of GTA. GTA 4 liberty city is an open world map, based on the famous New York City. Third perspective game infamous for its violence filled action, has NICO BELLIC as the protagonist with the whole storyline based on him. Along with the normal game, the online mode was also made available wherein 32 players were allowed to engage with each other to carry out different tasks and missions. The game was super hit among the fan base of GTA line and also claimed many awards for its realistic and detailed animations and gameplay. GTA4 soon after the release became the fastest-selling entertainment game in the whole industry. With the success of the game, there was lot of criticism revolving around the violence and drinking problem in the game.

Initially few parts of the whole open-world map are not available but later on in the game are available based on how much one has progressed in the game. Other than mission the player can also free roam in the game and enjoy the games side missions which are also Amazing. The game really did an amazing job on making it as realistic as possible at that time, for instance, the health of players can be regenerated by several techniques like eating and using medical supplies. The game designed and also infamous for making one break the police laws and hence the name GRAND THEFT AUTO.

The abilities of Nico are surely developed in the game from climbing walls to stealth modes, the most noticeable thing was the ability to take cover behind objects in the midst of attack. With just one tap of button, taking cover while firing is just awesome and full of thrills. In the middle of mission it is sometimes inevitable to avoid the LCPD, which adds more fun to the game if not more. Well in case if being chased by the police, one can avoid them by finding a cooling spot. The detailing put into the game is just out of ordinary. For instance to get into a car, there are many ways such as if the car is locked then Nico actually uses his elbow to shatter the window and then getting himself in, even after that he hotwires the care to start it up with alarms of cars going off.

GTA 4 Download

Available in PC, XBOX one & 360 and PS 3 & 4 the game is amazing in all the platforms. Although PC players have one quirk advantage that they can add the music playlist of their choice in the game instead of listening to the same 2 songs over and over again while driving any vehicle. Although the requirement for PC – Core 2 Quad 2.40 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 768 MB GeForce 8800 GTX with Vista 32.
For PS3 the game is very involving with all the setup and dualshock3 controller, it gives all the feels of the game with the controller vibrating every time if one receive damage from either bullets or by crashing the vehicle.
The same goes for XBOX, apart from few minor changes in the controller and some settings options all is same. The XBOX same as PS also feature flickering shadow. Although the game is much more immersive in XBOX and PS only because there isn’t need to upgrade these systems like PCs.

Cheats to GTA 4

Cheat codes are one big attraction to the big community of GTA4. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who have not once in their life used cheat codes. Cheat codes in GTA are as essential and not at all unfair means, well not completely. From getting infinite life, to all kinds of guns and weapons to exotic cars, they form an integral part of the whole game play. Some might say it’s unfair to do so but form me it always adds fun to use codes whilst playing GTA.

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