Unlike Pokemon GO, Pokemon Quest is a much simpler and easy to understand version of the Pokemon game series. So if you are looking to enjoy playing Pokemon without the complexity of other Pokemon games while still getting the authentic Pokemon experience, Pokemon Quest is the way to go. Here are some tips and tricks on getting you started with Pokemon Quest.


Pick a good team

A good team will help you successfully complete expeditions and unlock new regions to explore and increase your XP earnings.


Make cooking your thing

When going on those expeditions, always keep your pots boiling with something. This not only helps you save up on ingredients but also attracts Pokemon to your camp. Additionally, whenever you can, pick the higher level cooking pots because they attract higher level Pokemon as well.

Go for the same species

While choosing your Pokemon, you might be tempted to pick a variety with the assumption that variety means more abilities and strengths. However, the opposite is actually the most viable option. If you pick the same type of Pokemon, you can use their similarity to strengthen their abilities and gain more experience. Plus, you can swap your Pokemon from time to time as you wish.

Pokemon go

Learn to defeat Mewtwo

The ultimate goal of Pokemon Quest is to defeat Mewtwo in order to unlock a new island. While this might be the most challenging part of Pokemon Quest because there are no bonuses whatsoever, there are a few things you can do to defeat Mewtwo. The trick here is to pick your best 3 Pokemon and strengthen their abilities such as healing on hit to a maximum. Once you face Mewtwo, you want to focus on surviving and at the same time defeating Mewtwo. If you get your groove on point, then you can successfully defeat Mewtwo and unlock a new island.

These are just but a few tricks when getting started. Once you start playing, you will learn more tricks and become a master at Pokemon Quest.

Mewtwo Pokemon

Mewtwo is a powerful legendary Pokémon that can be difficult to defeat. Here are some tips and strategies to help you defeat Mewtwo in Pokémon battles:

  1. Understand Mewtwo’s strengths and weaknesses: Mewtwo is a psychic-type Pokémon, so it is weak against dark, bug, and ghost-type attacks. It is also strong against fighting, poison, and psychic-type attacks. Knowing these strengths and weaknesses can help you choose the right Pokémon to use in battle.
  2. Build a strong team: Make sure you have a team of Pokémon that can deal effective damage to Mewtwo. Dark, bug, and ghost-type Pokémon are good choices because they are strong against Mewtwo’s psychic-type attacks.
  3. Use status effects: Mewtwo is susceptible to status effects like paralysis, confusion, and sleep. Using moves that cause these effects can give you an advantage in battle.
  4. Use powerful moves: Mewtwo has high defense stats, so it can be difficult to defeat with weaker attacks. Make sure you use your strongest attacks and moves that are super effective against Mewtwo.
  5. Use Mega Evolution: If you have access to Mega Evolution, consider using it to give your Pokémon a significant boost in power.
  6. Bring healing items: Mewtwo is a formidable opponent, so you may need to heal your Pokémon during battle. Make sure you bring plenty of healing items like potions and revives.
  7. Be patient: Mewtwo can be a difficult opponent to defeat, so be patient and persistent in your attacks. Keep trying different strategies and Pokémon until you find the right combination to defeat it.

By following these tips and strategies, you can increase your chances of defeating Mewtwo in Pokémon battles.

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