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If you are tired and a bit embarrassed by asking your friends for their Netflix account password, you have landed at the right place. There is a whole world of online movies streaming beyond Netflix and yes with good content. The favorite time pass and leisure activity of millennia have become streaming movies and web series in just a click. We understand and got your back. All you have to do is select any of the below-mentioned platforms according to your requirement, comfort, and accessibility to enjoy several movies, series, and shows.
Given below is a list of popular online movie streaming platform with incredible content and language from all around the world. I have brief reviews and introduced each one of them to give you an idea. Rest, the task is yours.

Free Online Movie Streaming Sites

Watch Movies Online Free - Series Gamer

IMDb tv

Started the streaming services in 2019, offers content from a licensed partner such as Warner Bros, Disney, Sony Pictures. The site as of now is only streaming in the USA and a handful of European countries due to licensing issue. The site is yet to debut its original content. It also offers some of the movie ads for free. IMDb TV has its original zest in terms of the home page and interface. The classification of movies is also as expected of IMDb, classy as always. The tabs offer the look into the regular site but of no use since it doesn’t stream in India.


The abbreviation stands for ‘Your Internet Video’, YIDIO aims at solving the problem of multiple content providers by gathering all such platforms under one roof. It works by aggregating all the content from different sites such as Amazon, Netflix, iTunes, and showcase them on the YIDIO website. This way viewer can directly search for movies or web series without opening or going through every online platform individually. For YIDIO one might say ‘food for thought’ as it is a great platform for students and teenagers who frequently visit online platforms for exciting TV shows and movies. Offers less hassle and easy to use interface are worth appreciation. Apart from the subscribed content it also offers a category of free movies which are retro but also which were quite famous back in the days.

Yo Movies

Another Indian movie platform having almost all lingual movies from Gujarati, Marathi to Kannad, and like many, it also offers dual audio files. The site offers web series from Netflix, Amazon, and ALTBalaji. The categorization of movies is done based on the release date. Both Bollywood and Hollywood content is available for movies. The web page itself isn’t that appealing, with all kinds of pop up ads on the home page. Given the content, it offers a lot of choices, not only hit movies but also not so heard movies can be found on this site. Apart from all these, the site is also loaded with 18+ content keeping in mind the diverse interests of the audience. If no other sites are working you would want to switch to YOMOVIES.

Prime Video

One of the popular online platforms for movies and web series, Amazon prime video is owned by Amazon. It offers movies or shows on rent or purchase. Amazon’s created shows also known as Amazon originals are gaining demand all over the world because of its supreme content. It is packed with a whole lot of web series, movies, standup comedies to stream from. All the series and movies are quite common but apart from all these it also offers behind the camera documentaries of different types of sports form F1 to football. That is quite informative I suppose. On prime one can never be out of shows to watch. The only thing that bothers me on prime is the search mechanism, even after all these years it still hasn’t improved.


Vudu is very much an interactive platform for rental, buying and watching movies and series. The site also has its app on play store and app store, making it a more versatile and trusted site. Featuring all the latest movies and tv shows, the site also provides setup boxes to Americans, along with cloud storage. Also, there are free movies available on the site which one can watch without paying a penny. It also has DVD collections for those who want retro feel, but unfortunately, it has services limited to the USA only. Subscription of VUDU is defiantly worth it, from early releases to highest grossing. VUDU is in the league of NETFLIX and AMAZON PRIME, so definitely it is worth the money.


An Indian streaming service provider earned its name after providing live cricket matches to the audience. The streaming provider, Hotstar has 2 subscriptions namely premium and VIP. With premium account giving access to many Hollywood movies and web series, VIP focuses more on domestic shows. The site made for Indian daily soap channels grew popular and hence added much more than that. It also offers a news channel for those interested in it. Even though we can set the video quality it still doesn’t work that way, it works on how good the internet connection is. Apart from all that the kid’s content is also very good, from all the animations to kids-friendly shows.


Freeform is an American cable network, owned by Disney Network. The programs on this channel are highly focused on the teenage audience. The good thing about this channel is its family-friendly shows with so much as little explicit content shown as possible. All thanks to Disney Networks for this contribution to the teenage viewing community. It also offers a few of the famous animated sitcoms such as Family Guy, The Simpsons, and The Middles. Being provided by Disney channel, it also features the channels original series. Cable has also purchased the rights of many movies such as Cinderella story franchise one of Disney’s classic and Harry Potter franchise. Apart from all shows and movies, Freeform is also known for showing sports channels. Over the years the channel has shown many different types of sports but unfortunately not continued with them.

Free Movies Cinema

It is a popular online platform exclusively for movies watching. Movies offered are free to watch with no downloading option offered at all. The genre ranges from animated to horror to thriller covering all that there is. The best thing about this site is that it offers movies without any subscription or signup just open up the site and free to watch. There are currently 623 movies added with 147 playlists created for ones’ viewing pleasure. Apart from the tabs which take you to more movies, there is one more tab named popcorn. Now when you open the tab it gives a different recipe for making popcorn, which somehow is really helpful I guess. Maybe I will even give it a try.


Based in San Francisco, Tubi TV is a free platform but ad-supported streaming service. The only thing that bothers me is the unskippable ads. With an amazing home page, it offers good services to the users. Having more than 15000 movies and web series it is truly awesome. Well, of course, it offers Anime too. The content is premium with the best quality video. It includes several home channels like lifestyle and kids which are quite interesting. Also, the categorization and classification of the movies and web series based on the genre are really easy to surf within. The quality is pretty amazing for the subscription-free platform and hence more appealing.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is another American platform offering free streaming and generates its revenue by advertisements. However, it is disheartening to know that it doesn’t stream in India. It has been made to give cable experience to its users and thus has a very friendly and good user interface. Pluto TV is available to stream on mobiles, web and many other devices. The streaming is completely free without any requirements to fill even the email address. Although account can be created to enjoy many perks. Pluto tv is a service provider and not an original content provider. The site offers many channels most of which are available on any cable network. The on-demand movies and TV shows offered are also pretty good.


Well, what can we say? A site for the creators by the creators’, YouTube is such a tremendous platform needs no review. Made its debut in 2005 and has been hit ever since. Form cooking to music to photography to thrilling, it has more content than one can ever think of. This is the platform where the talented can express and explore themselves. Songs and knowledge have been its highest-ever grossing genre. The platform is constantly learning from your search history pattern. There is not and never will be a time where YouTube isn’t liked or favored by anyone. The only thing hated by the users is that the video turns off if one switches between the apps. Its ever-growing evolution makes it more popular and is looked up to.

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is available in a wide array of devices. Crackle is a joint venture of streaming services between Sony entertainment and chicken soup entertainment. Although it offers many movies and TV shows most of them are from Sony Entertainment and its subsidiaries. Available in 21 countries but unfortunately India is not one of them. Crackle gives free access to many of the content but the content offered is not much appealing, also the video quality is poor but hey it’s 100% free. Due to heavy competitors, crackle ceased its operations in many countries without prior notice. Well till crackle is out there best to enjoy the 100% subscription-free content.


A subsidiary of Screen Media Ventures, Popcorn Flix is currently available in the USA and Canada, the site offers many movies and some of its original contents. They also feature documentary but the site itself isn’t as appealing with too much crowd on the home page. The home page is available in India but further than that the videos are restricted, which is truly very disappointing. The site also features viral videos which are a collection of funny videos for those who might be feeling a little blue. Also, the accessibility of devices is not that great given the parent company is such popular. The site doesn’t seem to be expanding to the Asian network anytime soon.


Kanopy is targeted toward the students and made as an educational tool in universities, working in partnership with public libraries and universities. Also, the streaming is free with no ads, and compatibility with the devices is great. The content offered is more than satisfactory. The site also is very interactive with the animations going on with the movies list. I couldn’t find any web series but the collection of documentaries is quite amusing. The site also gives information about its functioning for some of those who might want to understand the working behind this site. Kanopy kids are provided along with each signup. The streaming quality is satisfactory, with no complaints as such.


Walt Disney owned subscription-based television streaming service is one of the most popular streaming services in the USA. HULU offers one of the premium content there is, with HULU plus live subscription it all also offers live television shows. HULU + offering many more perks such as cloud services. Also, various plans for customer compatibility and the friendly user interface is well worth the money. HULU also offers many add ons packs to customize your viewing pack. Off all the services it provides, there is no surprise it is on top of its kind of league. HULU also offers its original content which is quite amazing and defiantly worth the watch. This kind of streaming service is focused on the public with no cable connections and is worth it.


Hoopla is one might say a virtual library, where you can borrow eBooks, movies, and music with your library card. It is a great concept put to work for the easy accessibility of students. It can be even streamed on TVs. On mobile apps, the content is also available for downloading and automatically removed after the lending period ends. Also, the site is subscription-free. The maximum content offered is of audiobooks followed by movies and music. Only works if you have a library card, meaning restricted only for students and not a lot of people can enjoy the subscription-free perks. So if you are a student with a library card then definitely worth trying it out without spending a dime on it.

MX Player

MX Player is an Indian mobile player application and also a media file player. Except for India, it still is a media file player. It contains most of the original MX player shows and web series having 8-10 episodes per season. Apart from that it also features Hollywood’s selected movies. Subscription free shows and movies with Indian platform give its popularity among the youth. Irrespective of its original shows the content offered is the highest-grossing one featuring Korean hits too. For the Korean fan base, there’s the whole category dedicated to them named as Korean special. The app and site both lag a little. It needs a super-speed internet connection or else the quality offered is a bit poor.


Another great and online platform for movies and web series watching is Moviesflix. Quite famous among Indian students in hostels, it is offered in different qualities with dual and mixed audio as per the requirement of students. The collection ranges from the newest and the hottest web series and movies to the all-time hit, all under one roof. The site also introduced Bollywood movies along with Anime, another reason why it is looked up so much. This platform is very flexible with its audience as it allows downloading of content in various sizes and quality. No issues as far as the website are concerned, definitely worth the visit.

Digital Trends

Digital trends is an online platform focusing on one particular topic – Technology. It publishes reviews, news, guides on the latest technological boons and drops out there. Apart from that it also features lifestyle column and ‘how-to’ sections too.
This website is instrumental for tech enthusiasts and also offers fair and unbiased reviews of the products. For today’s generation who are constantly looking for tech reviews for all kinds of products, this platform is a blessing. The categorization is also done pretty well so that surfers can easily find what they are looking for. It did start as a technical platform but now has evolved and involved itself with all kinds of news.


The site offers to stream all TV shows online. The incredible thing about the site is that it offers content across the globe from the USA, UK, CANADA, FRANCE, KOREA, JAPAN and many more. The site is incredibly easy to use with all shows and series categorized based on YEAR, GENRE and COUNTRY. However, the site is loaded with few pop-ups. It also takes care of its anime fan base, with dubbed and original categorization. One thing which I noticed and liked about the site is that the home page isn’t at all crowded like many other sites out there, looks very clean. It gives a clear description of the show you might be watching with the rating from IMDb, which is an acknowledgeable feature.


All of us have been an admirer of arts in some or the other way. The movie’s fraternity is producing loads of content every week, month and year. What people like and will sustain in the market is a humongous pressure on creators. However, if you are a fan of ‘unadulterated cultural expressway of arts’ then you must check out byNWR, as those quoted words are its identity. This incredible out of the blue concept is brought by Nicolas Winding Refn. He launched byNWR recently to serve the audience with classic cult films. The site offers rare handpicked movies. It will give you volumes of content in a quarterly manner which is divided into three chapters monthly, each one of them offering a fully-restored film. You will get The Nest of the Cuckoo Birds- a horror movie, Hot Thrills, and Warm Chills- a heist film and of course the popular thriller- Shanty Tramp.

CW Speed

All of us have been an admirer of arts in some or the other way. The movie’s fraternity is producing loads of content every week, month and year. What people like and will sustain in the market is a humongous pressure on creators. However, if you are a fan of ‘unadulterated cultural expressway of arts’ then you must check out byNWR, as those quoted words are its identity. This incredible out of the blue concept is brought by Nicolas Winding Refn. He launched byNWR recently to serve the audience with classic cult films. The site offers rare handpicked movies. It will give you volumes of content in a quarterly manner which is divided into three chapters monthly, each one of them offering a fully-restored film. You will get The Nest of the Cuckoo Birds- a horror movie, Hot Thrills, and Warm Chills- a heist film and of course the popular thriller- Shanty Tramp.

Internet Archive

I am sure most of us who are paranoid over obsessing movies and series may fall under the 16-30 age group, let’s assume so. The fan base around the world is highly diversified. Now imagine what if you don’t have to always search or switch from websites to websites to access other essential stuff. It may include books, songs or soft wares. I am sure we all have asked once in a while if we could just get all of it together in one place. Tada, I guess your wish just came true because Internet Archive provides you with all. It is a library, non-profit in nature aimed at providing its users with a plethora of free books, websites, audios, music, and even software. It is a perfect emergency exit to all your worries. Visit its home page today to access varieties of communities as per your requirements.


There is no other satisfaction as watching free content in HD without any hassle. Won’t you agree? ABC completely justifies this demand. ABC is a free website that can give you a plethora of choices to select your favorite genres. Whether it is in terms of content, thrill or quality there is no comprise with any of the three. The site is loaded with 10000+ movies, shows and series. Alongside this, you also get access to free television there. The home page has easy navigation and directions which shows categorized based on popularity. Another wonderful factor, it allows you to stream free of cost without any cumbersome thoughts on logging in, registering or subscribing. You feel like watching, open it and start. I think streaming movies and shows online have never been this easier.

Shout! Factory

Humans tend to always want more than what is available. We are lucky as digital entertainment providers have understood this psychology and created the needful. There have been days when all we wanted was to go back in time and watch the timeless and cult content. Well, in that case, the incredible service of Shout! Factory will be handy. It provides you the best content in almost every genre with the best viewing quality. Apart from this, it is easy to run on various platforms like Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android or Roku player. I liked the UI of their website, easy to navigate and they provide best shows suggestions right on the front page. If it’s about providing you the best of entertainment, shout out to the Shout! Factory.

Snag Film

We all have developed different interests over the years as far as online movies streaming is concerned. There is the various fan bases of comedy, thriller, romance, and whatnot. Let’s not forget the admirers of documentaries. Yes, what if you have mixed interests and are searching for a platform that offers it all. Your hunt is over because there is an incredible website called SNAGFILMS, a perfect platform to serve your distinct interests. This website has over 5000 breathtaking movies, documentaries, TV shows and captivating original content. What I loved about this website is, it provides a plethora of varieties to the audience ranging from biographies, kids’ interest, foreign films, family shows and special interests including LGBT films. Easy to use and navigate as it is meticulously categorized by topic, genre, and run-time. Try it now!


It’s not rare to find Anime lovers around anymore. They have established themselves in the drama world quite flawlessly. However, there are still times when the Japanese love is hard to stream online and especially find the appropriate platform. Here, I finally have a perfect destination for all the drama and Anime enthusiasts out there, popularly known as Crunchyroll. It is an American distributor proudly delivering happiness to its 50 million users worldwide. This incredible video streaming service provides you with Anime shows, manga, games, and dorama. It is an ideal platform to quench your Anime thirst easily and conveniently. Crunchyroll has reached the pinnacle of success by finally establishing itself in the top 10 US streaming companies. Once you visit the website, there won’t be any going back as it is the largest Anime online streaming service.

Film Rise

Nothing is more satisfying than getting to watch breathtaking and hit shows on a single website. Well, I think you have never been lucky because FilmRise is one of the best online video and movie streaming apps. They also provide an app version of the website for hassle-free use. It gives you all; you just need to ask for it. Hit and popular TV shows and distinct exciting movies are the primary services. What exceptional is the theatrical content that it has to serve its audience. It has been one of the favorite selections of viewers due to its meticulous adaptation to the constantly changing film industry. With this, they have been able to offer the best television shows and films. You cannot miss this one. Go check it out now.


The drama world has never been reluctant to adopt what’s latest in the market but deep down we all know how we once enjoyed watching entertainment on TV. In the world full of websites and apps, there are still a few TV lovers. Considering their interest and choices, I want to introduce a free broadcasting television network- Comet. It is a dedicated channel offering you popular dramas, classics, and movies. Wait, that’s not all because Comet gained popularity due to its special interest in offering sci-fi entertainment. Trust me, the fan base of science and fiction has never been this popular and that is what makes Comet a common destination to all the sci-fi enthusiasts. It is an American network available nationwide ad you can access it via OTA, website or OTT TV.


Charge TV is one of the popular broadcasting American networks that is looked after by MGM television. The proud owners Sinclair Television group have made their place in the market with the in-demand content. The saying content is king has been beautifully brought in practice by the owners as Charge TV features the best shows and programs when it comes to action and adventure. If you love the adrenaline rush and action makes you excited, Charge TV is the best recommendation. The wonderful thing is it is easy to stream it via a website as well for the ones relying on their mobile devices. Some of the TV series it ha are- The Magnificent Seven, In the Heat of the Night, Rocky and James Bond to name a few.

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