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We always found Korean drama extremely cute and warm-hearted, the natural terrain that makes the scene even more doting. Snowdrop is the best romantic drama set in 1987 when South Korea was governed by a dictatorial government. The visual effects are the best. It really feels like they all are in 1987. In this pivotal situation, we witnessed a charming love story of Jung Hae-in as Lim Soo-ho North Korean agent with a mission assigned in South Korea, and Jisoo as Eun Yeong-or living in Hosu Women’s University in the English Literature Department. They both are from an enemy country but fall for each other at first sight, their love is full of hardship. But both actors nailed it with their acting, their emotions, their love everything is so perfect and real. After seeing their chemistry everyone out their fall for them and portray the same love story to happen. This drama is not completely romance-oriented, but you could feel the love between them for each other till the end and punch of comedy. Definitely, it’s a drama worth watching you won’t feel regret but just a feeling of being romanticized. This masterpiece stands an IMBD rating of 8.8/10.

Feels Like Ishq

Can you still feel sometimes that “Pehle Pehle Pyar wali feeling” and that love we feel when we are teenagers? Now finally creators come with the sweet love stories by adding a little pinch of new-age drama with a bit of complication. The series attempts to go against the established romantic grain by dramatizing six couples from different cities, backgrounds, and sexual orientations, with one thing in common—the first glow of attraction. So there is a very different way to put every story in front of an audience with a different name. The season opens up with Radhika Madan and Amol Parashar starrer ‘Save the Da(y)te’—a tale of two bickering wedding attendees on a mission to locate the runaway bride. Next up is a coming-of-age story called ‘Quaranteen Crush’, where Mihir Ahuja gives a stellar performance as the teen infatuated by his quarantining neighbor (Kajol Chugh). An accurate portrayal of—teenage romance makes this episode quite adorable. The third story pairs an ocean traveler (Simran Jehani) and an erratic first-time homestay host (Rohit Saraf) as an unlikely couple, in the supremely soppy ‘Star Host’. It is an interesting take on a predictable storyline, where the office wallflower (Sanjeeta Bhattacharya) falls for the newcomer (Saba Azaad), in the only LGBTQ+ offering, ‘She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not’. Episode five—‘The Interview’ — an unexpected romance between a pair of hopefuls trying for the same job. So, this bunch of stories ran on IMBD with 6.4/10.

Never Kiss Your Best Friend

Like me, if you want a break from spine-chilling titles, crime thrillers, and dark comedies then ZEE5’s latest offering Never Kiss Your Best Friend is a decent pick. The 10 episodes romantic drama starring Nakuul Mehta and Anya Singh, based on Sumrit Shahi’s book of the same name. The moment I saw Durjoy Dutta’s name for screenplay and dialogue writing I expect a love story like cinderella with tones of romantic moments and a couple with full of passion for love. Yes, and that was a right guess Nakuul as Sumer and Anya as Tanie were best friends but like every other worried about their feelings. We saw some Kucch Kucch Hota Hai and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil moments in the show like it’s a full Karan Johar movie-type series. Nevertheless, it’s a very easy show, like others you don’t have to pay constant attention, Never Kiss Your Best Friend is easy on your heart and mind. The romantic drama shows friendship how we have always imagined it to be like the living neighborhood, studying in the same university, fighting like an enemy but the end of the day return to the same person. The perfect Bollywood drama is packed in series format with an IMBD rating of 7.8/10. The show is a perfect pic to watch with your bae on a lazy Sunday.

Out Of Love

If you are a fan of Rasika Dugal’s acting then there is a chance you can adore her even more after watching her in Out Of Love. It’s an adaptation of BBC Studios’s critically acclaimed series Doctor Foster with 7/10 on IMBD. Here we meet Rasika Duggal as Meera a successful doctor, kindhearted mother, and passionate wife who perfectly balances her work and love life. Her husband Purab Kohli is Akarsh who is working on an ambitious real estate project and a perfect husband. They have 13 years of togetherness and a perfect family, respected within their community and envied among friends the couple that everyone looks up to.
Meera loves her husband beyond the boundaries, but all of that is thrown in confusion when she finds doubtful things in her husband’s coat. The seed of doubt makes her starts to dig relentlessly and this is where the drama begins to unfold. It might sound ordinary for a woman to find out her husband’s cheating on her, but not if you’re the woman and it’s your husband. We find out how a wife deals when her perfect husband cheated on her. Like the show, the title itself tricks you it could either mean people being Out Of Love with one another or it could mean the radically violent things people do Out Of Love for one another. Tightly scripted, finely edited, and wonderfully acted the series keeps you in a tight grip for two seasons.


Netflix India’s new fanciful series that make teenage adolescence look like a statement not just a stage of life. The romantic drama is based on Sandhya Menon’s 2017 The New York Times bestseller “When Dimple Met Rishi”. As its name suggests story tells us how two different imperfectly mismatched people fall in love with each other. Story introducing Rishi the warmhearted dabbler who falls in love at first sight with Dimple the unromantic coder who barely believes in love. At the time of watching the series, you definitely have a mini-tour of Jaipur as they portrayed the place very well. There are some moments where we feel butterflies in our stomach watching Rishi’s love for her. On the other hand, Dimple is not a nerdy girl as we saw in movies but she wears glasses, plays multiplayer video games, dreams of developing apps, and claims that Java is the only language she understands. The Series consists of 2 seasons and is full of romance and the chemistry between the two is very charming and forces you to believe on “Love At First Sight”. And rank 5.5/10 on IMBD ranking. So if you are looking for a good show, keep looking. But if you’re looking for a few sweet moments and buzz, this is the binge you need.


Ekta Kapoor is famous for her brilliant television dramas, she is once again here to entertain us with her romantic family drama “Baarish”. I know, after hearing this word first thing that comes to our mind is that romantic feeling and bond we share with rain. This show is no doubt giving us that good old Mumbai rain vibe. The main actors Gauravi (Aasha Negi) and Anuj ( Sharman Joshi)definitely give us the reason to love their brilliant performance. The show is all about family, sacrifice, and most important love. The storyline is simple yet shows us that pure love between two strangers from totally different backgrounds is what we lack nowadays. You will enjoy the show with beautiful Mumbai locations and soulful background music. Love can happen in a minute but to fulfill love till the end is difficult, they prove this phrase very well with their unconditional love for each other. Anuj is a well-known businessman who takes care of his family and Gauravi is a Marathi girl from Mumbai, working very hard for a living. How they fell in love with each other after so many hurdles and how their love grows you will find all this drama in 2 seasons. Ekta Kapoor got magic hands, whichever characters she picks, does anyway justice to the role. So the show picks 8/10 in IMBD rating.

Bandish Bandits

Bandish Bandits, I have to say it was an intriguing storyline, never I have seen such storyline before, there are many such stories based on a lot of other things like dance and all but, to say on music and that too on Indian classical. It just is too catchy. The title ‘bandish bandits’ is itself catchy and not just for the namesake, it gives the zest of what the story is about. The writers did one amazing job to involve the youth and target the young audience with a really nice script. They literally made Indian classical music to come into highlight once again, but also not to just make it boring, they have balanced it all out with modern songs and how they can be pleasing even with light lyrics.
Let’s start with the protagonist, Radhe who belongs to Rathod Gharana of Jaipur is a musical. At the other end of the spectrum is the pop sensation Tamanna. They both have affection towards each other later in the story. So Tamanna offers Radhe lump some money to perform alongside with her. But what is a middle-class family without some debts, right? But there’s a catch, because of Radhe’s family he cannot do so. What better way than to perform live with a mask on!. Radhe soon earns the nickname of “masked man” who is loved by everyone. But the story is just not terminated on this. There are lots of secrets to look out for. The only thing I feel was a bit turn down was that even though the last episode is a cliffhanger, there are still many mysteries that remained unsolved and I feel that is a bit of injustice done to this amazing storyline.
To sum up the series, it is an amazing piece of work. They do show what Indian classical musicians go through and how tough it is to make a decent living out of it in contrast to modern music. The cast all together gave high performances which are unlikely nowadays.

College Romance

The Timeliners studio, college romance as one would guess is about the life of 3 college friends and their respective relationships. The way their relationships are portrayed is great and fun to watch. The series showcases all kinds of relationships one gets to witness in college life, from the cheesy couple like Naira and Bagga, to the odd ones where both are confused about it, i.e Karan and Deepika. Although there isn’t anything unique about the storyline about the direction of the series and screenplay is worth the watch. Bagga is the loud and the best character of them all since he is shown as the typically Delhi swagger boy and an influencer. The performance of the cast is pretty good and enjoyable but the only character which felt a bit weird was of Deepika, which is sometimes not stable and did not support the storyline. Although in the span of 5 episodes she has grown on the viewers. There’s also another relationship between fresher and a senior. This is all relatable to your college life. Other than all the relationship stuff, the series shows college life with the main cast always in the canteen or out smoking which is what pretty much everybody does in college life. The comedy aspect of the series was good, not too overboard just on point even without any classroom scenes. Season1 ends with a cliffhanger and we will definitely see season 2 of college romance. I hope season 2 will be as much fun and the series definitely need some new characters to get the show going.
The series is a fair watch. If you are looking for some small mood lightening web series college romance should be definitely on your watch list.

KOTA Factory

Presented by TVF, KOTA factory is one genuine show of all out there in Indian cinema. I say this due to the fact that TVF has successfully portrayed what happens in the life of high schoolers before leaving to colleges.  It gives the viewers, glimpse in the life of prepping students which we have all gone through –IIT coaching. The series starts with Vaibhav Pandey sent off to Kota, the best studying destination here in India. TVF has done a great job of showcasing what it’s like to be a new guy in some city filled with tons of students all competing for the same thing, which is quite horrifying. The first episode deals with the “settling” which showcases all the firsthand problems that Vaibhav encounters like money, bed, adjusting, etc.  the series till the 4th episode is in monochrome which actually didn’t seem that odd, the last episode though comes to life with all colors. Another great character was Jetu sir, one of the best teachers in Kota. The series in itself is wholesome. They give out whole life lessons along with peep into the big beehive where education is just like any other business. Also, it did not back away from showing the different types of students in Kota, from “study geeks” to “just for fun types”, helped in bringing out the best of the series.  Another amazing part is Vaibhav’s love interest, which was uplifting and made the storyline relaxed.
TVF has made an incredible series that everyone has gone through and definitely relate to. The screenplay and writing have definitely made it one of the best series of todays! it sure does tells us about the reality of today and what education system we have.


An mx-player original, girlfriend chor is a rom-com with 5 episodes with is just perfect in these pandemic times, light and nice. The series’ main plot is a love triangle, which the viewers most definitely can relate to (lol). Akshay’s love interest Neha is proposed by some other guy just when Akshay planned on doing the same. Not being depressed over the fact, his dad offers to help him up and takes command of his love life which is intriguing. The uber-cool dad has some cunning plans which might help his son get back in the game. At a party, dad notices that there is one other girl who crushes over Neha’s boyfriend. Yes, that’s right another love triangle. So dad suggests working together with this girl and break up Neha’s relationship with her boyfriend. I know it all sounds complicated but it’s not. The series overall is fun and light, although it could’ve been better. The series lacks something which is noticeable. Anyhow, while on this quest to steal his love interest back, on the journey to it, Akshay finds himself in a bit of a situation when he starts to catch feeling for the girl he is working with. This can be seen in the screenplay, and the last episode does confirm it. The last episode, however, hints at season 2. I have to say they could’ve part ways with a better ending, it left viewers with some void in the end.
The cast, writing, screenplay are up to mark. Not sure if season 2 will air soon, but it does I have some expectations for it which I hope the writers will consider while scripting it. To rate the show I’ll give it a good 3/5.

Permanent Room Mates

This is the first legit web series in Indian cinema. Aired in 2014, is an amazing rom-com series and blew away the internet by Strom. I feel this is a huge break from Indian daily soap, not like all murderous family of in-laws, and kgs of jewelry in one scene all thanks to TVF.

In the series, the couple has been dating for 3 years in long-distance, Mikesh who lives in the USA, and Tanya who lives here in India. Mikesh in the 1st episode comes back home to propose to his long-time girlfriend, only to realize that she is not sure of the commitment. All thanks to Tanya’s roommate who put thoughts in her head. Well anyways, stubborn Mikesh talks it out with her for a solution. They mutually agree to move in with each other and if they feel comfortable they’ll take it further. So season 1 is about Mikesh’s struggle to win back his girlfriend and hunt for a new place where they can live. Season 1 spans 5 episodes, each longer than the previous one. The cast is limited and I think it’s really great given the time it was aired. I guess this might be also one of the reasons for its success. Season 2 is however about their step forward meaning a big fat wedding. They deal with all the relatives they have never even met before and all the greeting and meeting process where they hope they don’t feel lost from each other. The cast is expanded in season2 with the family member joining and definitely adding more to the show.

The show is pretty good, has an IMDB rating of 8.5/10 which is just great. The series never felt dull even after the new cast joined the team.


In the world of tinder and dating apps, it’s a rare sight when there is old school romance. And TVF’s flames are just that. I kid you not, this web series made me nostalgic to the bone, and it will to every 90s kid out there. Even though its shot in modern times but it showcases how it was like having a crush and then a relationship back in the days with less of technology at the expense. The storyline takes place in old Delhi where there’s tons of lip-smacking street food.

The name of the series “flames” is actually from a game where you can figure out what the relationship with your crush is, like will you be lovers, friends, or enemies. I know this all is naïve, but this is the essence of the kind of rom-com the series has to offer. Rajat has a crush on his classmate Ishita and the season 1 is about how they come across each other from no noticing each other to have feelings for, the season is all goody. The storyline is light and subtle, more than enough to make you smile and give that nostalgia. Apart from these two, Pandey is one excellent character, he is those kinds of the best friend who is willing to go to lengths and I feel is an important one for the series. The screenplay and storyline are to be applauded for. In the span of 5 episodes not once the two protagonists had hold hand, just like back in the day.

Overall the series is sure to make you smile in awe, relatable for most of the time, best screenplay, and direction. What’s more to ask for in a 5 episode series.!

Virgin Woman Diaries

Released 2 seasons, is a Kabir Sadanand written series. As the name suggests its definitely something to do with sex, I am afraid to say it is not so for most of the part. All the 10 episodes of the season were up to mark and expectations. Season 1 tells us about how amateur lovers are with all the insecurities and misunderstandings. Most of the episodes begin with Kiara talking about her love life on the radio. The season showcases two relationships and how they ended them up with some mixup. The storyline has 2 aspects, the one which is present and the past where things went wrong and how they went wrong. At one point it was too much to handle and even lost us for a bit. Some of the scenes are really funny while, on the other hand, some of them feel a bit unnecessary. As the title suggests, the screenplay didn’t go any much deeper with the nudity which is a good thing. But that only meant high expectations for season 2.
Season 2 compared with season 1 felt stretched out. Like it felt all unnecessary but not that bad to give it a watch. If just for the sake of the story you are watching it is fine, but not other than that and that what I feel. The jokes and funny part was up to the mark. The 2 couple/4 main characters are good with their performances but miss out few supporting characters which were seen in season1.
The streaming platform is youtube and then shifted to lehren app, which to be honest I never did hear off. So it’s good to change platform to promote new apps but that also means fewer viewers. Anyhow the series is good for a one-time watch and gets a good rating of 2.5/5 from many reputed sites.

I Love Us

The newest series by Falguni Shah is really a great concept. India being a democratic country certainly needs some series like “I love us” which hold people of all kinds with great respect. The series showcases same-sex relationships centering on women. The story is what it has been always, the love triangle. The only difference is there are two women and a man involved. About time Indian cinema needs featuring of same-sex love.
The storyline is strong with lesbian love being in the highlight. Of the two main lesbian lovers, one of them falls for some other guy while still being in a lesbian relationship. The character of Shreya is the protagonist in the series and is clear about her sexual preferences. The other part of the story is how Ashutosh and her have a fling on the side. There are tons of drama for those dram hungry people out there along with intense romance. Even after all this climax is sure to look out for and will blow the minds of you. There is a rollercoaster of emotion in this show like jealousy obsession, hatred, etc.
The series is sure to change the mindset of people who surely have different thoughts about same-sex relationships and what kind of trouble they go through due to society. This is a bold move by having such a great script by the writers. And even more compelling is the fact that there are few actors out there who are willing to do these sorts of series so that they can educate the public more on this.
The series gets an outstanding rating of 3.5/5. Make sure you get done with this amazing of series.


A TVF creation, immature is the series about school times and the fun that comes with it. The title is I’m mature but it is famous by immature and that actually is somewhat relatable. Being teenagers we are getting matured but in a more naïve way.
The series portrays the life of 3 best friends in school and how stupid and cunning they are. This sure made me nostalgic and smile. The friendship is great between the boys, one of them is sort of like a leader who likes to brag about everything, the other one is that love boy, and finally, there’s this stupid kid who is just dumb, and that what we had back in our school days, just so accurate. And along came a girl.
The girl is the love interest of one of the boys and this is his journey on his quest to win her over. The show is just so funny that I can’t even stress it. It’s sure as hell a treat in itself. Especially “susu” the dumb kid he just out of this world. Susu has a major crush on one of his teachers, and the story following it is just funniest ever. Kabir who is this naughty kid always trying to look for troubles. The show summary of our school days and is shown in a very great way.
Dhruv and his crush, that’s the most satisfying thing of the show and the ending is just too beautiful. Enough to make even the action crazy fans out there blush. The show is wholesome on too many levels. Not surprised to see it get a rating of 4/5. Kudos to TVF for bringing this amazing series for our viewing pleasure and taking us back to those golden days.

Broken But Beautiful

Released in two seasons, broken but beautiful is Ekta Kapoor’s new venture with her ALT-BALAJI production house. Ekta Kapoor is very well known for her shows like “Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi”, but this web series is totally different from her past ventures. Broken but beautiful is romantic by genre and that too a great one. If you guys are into romantic types of series then you should definitely check out this one.
Broken but beautiful is about two people who have lost the love of their lives and are dwelling on it. But the thing that makes this show really amusing is the fact that they have shown the importance of self-love and how “moving on” in life can change your perspective of the world and the countless happiness there are in the future. This show is definitely must watch for the love-smitten types. The flashbacks and the roller coaster of emotions keep you hanging onto the show. The show has some great cast and many supporting characters which gives the show a different profound meaning.
Falling in love and being heartbroken but with the right set of people who lift you up from that gloomy phase are the most important ones in your life. This fact is shown in a very beautiful way. Coming to the performances of the leads, they did an incredible job with it. They have as many credits as the writers for the popularity of the show. Another great message the show gives us is “self-love”. Unless and until you love yourself, you won’t attract anyone.
Even though it’s the same old song of romance, the storyline is compelling and love-smitten are in one great treat with this show. The cast is amazing and the direction is appealing.

Married Woman Diaries

Married woman diaries is another one of Kabir Sadnand’s creation, streaming on the SonyLIV platform. Can be also seen on sonyliv’s page of youtube. The names give away the plot of the series. The protagonist a woman named Sweta who is a standup comedian by profession and her husband is a manager in some marketing firm. Sweta here showcases her married life through her standup acts, and those are really fun to watch for. Even though they are completely opposite to what they do or how they are they are so completely in love with each other and are shown perfectly in the series. The show is made in “2 phases” here phase is a fancy name for the season. The second season though is seen with a change in the cast of Sweta which was a bit degrading as we were used to seeing different Sweta in season 1.
The series is really fun, in a way where Sweta tells her audience how things change once married with all the wet towels across the house and messed up the kitchen and how she might be better off single which is hilarious. The series showcases many differences and disputes between a marries urban couple from a woman’s perspective. The span of episodes is small like 15-10 mins each.
The show, on the whole, is pretty good with the screenplay and storyline packed with nice fun punch and drama. The only thing which got some bad reputations and has stirred up some news was that it’s too stereotypical. Like how there are differences between her and mother in law over tea. Or how when a husband tries to be nice with a nice candlelit dinner, the wife feels that he probably screwed up in some way. The show received a good rating of 3/5.

Dil Buffering

Produced by Bindass on its youtube channel, dil buffering is a feel-good kind of web series. The plot focuses on Abby who is the protagonist here shot in Delhi. In this age of tinder and tons of dating apps, there still are some women who are actually waiting for their prince charming. Her family has her sister and super cool mom. Abby being a young and cupcake lover dreams of having her own bakery shop.
The fairy tale of a frog and lady who meets her prince. Abby is just that trying to find her perfect one. But Abby has had tons of relations breakup in her quest to find her own prince charming. Her first relationship is with a cricketer who uses her for attractions and publicity, the 2nd one is with some doctor guy which she later finds out is not who she thought would be. 3rd one is an artist and Abby in a party gets to know that he flirts with every woman out there. In short, every guy she was with was a total jerk. All these breakups make her believe that there is no one perfect god made for her.
Later in the series, we come across a guy who actually likes her. Gaurav, the owner of the coffee shop where Abby visits daily. He likes her too much but is just afraid to convey the same. In the end, they find themselves having feelings for each other.
The show gives the lesson of it all works out in the end. Also, life is not a fairytale to be happy always. Some things are just not meant to be. The show gets a decent rating of 2.5/5 and is sure to make you feel good. Nice subtle and mellow.

Little Things

A dice media production, little things is their best series. Little things have grabbed too many web awards and is not surprising since its that good of a show. The series is about an urban working couple, and despite all the workload the show tells us how the look for small things in their relationship and enjoy most of it. The show took the Indian web series platform by storm. The credit not only goes to the directors and writers but the actors who bring out the true essence of the writing. If it were not for them, the show wouldn’t have earned its name. unlike most of the web series, the show recently did season 3 and the prior ones were as good.
Being a small show with youtube, season 3 is on Netflix and has a pretty nice budget and this meant taking things up a notch. The writer did. The intensions of the show were and are pure with showcasing how hard and tough it is to be in live-in with all the daily struggles at the expense. Even though the storyline is as always very good, but somehow it feels like things just don’t add up. Maybe it’s because the writer had so many things planned for the show and so many things to tell, it did not fit properly as they think it would. Nonetheless, the show is amazing. We see cast has been expanded with both sides of the family and we get to see them. This time though in season3 it was more of a long-distance relationship for 6 months in the show, and it highlighted the couples struggle to stick around with all unanswered calls and texts. The show gets a nice 8.2/10.

The ‘Other’ love story

Won the NYC web fest 2016, is set in the 90s in Bangalore. Directed by Roopa Rao, this is truly an amazing work of art. The short series is of 12 episodes and roughly 10-12 minutes each.
The love story is about two women and how its like to be lesbian in the 90s. the social norms and the stigma centering women of how they should be and whatnot. The series is the exact representation of how influential society is. the love story is out of the world. those days where letters were in use and the kind of butterfly giving first love truly gets you. The thing about the series is this is a completely crowd-funded project. This was a good effort to alleviate the dependency of LGBTQ shows from other countries. The show doesn’t let the issues of lesbians interfere with the amazing and mainstream love story.
Roopa Rao has shown very beautifully what it like to be a woman in India and the restrictions they have, like the calls after 9 pm are suspicious and going out alone, the privacy and the decision making is just not allowed. The story solely highlights women protagonist and most done get men that much screentime to be familiar with. This I think is the best work of the series and is mellow with everything. The characters are really super good. Even though the story progresses slowly but the characters don’t bore you. Given how many different film fest and awards the show has grabbed there is no question about how good it is. the show receives an amazing full score of 10/10. Give it a try and make sure you spread the love and educate people.

What The Love

What the love is a Karan johar reality show, streaming of Netflix. The show is 7 episodes long with each episode of 45 minutes. The show is apparently is about helping millennials to find love in these gruesome times and Karan Johar takes this responsibility on his shoulder.
The shows kick off with a Karan throwing party for 40 something youngsters comprising of both boys and girls. Of them, he shortlists 6 individuals who he is supposed to train and find their love. The next 6 episodes are dedicated to each contestant. Being a reality show and that too a Karan Johar one, it lacks the drama or good humor for that matter, or not even quirky to keep the audience glues for the next episode. The point is, its bland. It didn’t hit off as many would think. In the show, Karan speaks of himself that he is that light at the end of the dark tunnel called love.
Each episode starts with Karan talking about he insecurities of the contender and taking them out of it by telling them to grow up, face-up, and many such things, to provide them with enough confidence to date. The next step is of course makeover. With the hairstylist to the makeup artist. According to the show Gucci is enough to boost up your confidence. Next in the line is “prep-date” wherein the contenders go one date with celebrities, where they teach how to act or behave when on a date also with some wise words. The episodes end with contenders going on 2 dates of which he/she has to select which they feel can work out within the future. That’s pretty much it. The ratings of the show according to IMDb is 4.5/10.

What’s Your Status

Published by new channel cheers on youtube. What’s your status is the story of the young lads, all of which showcases different phases so relationships namely- single, taken, married. The stories however are not interconnected but have 3 different sub storylines. Even the most successful of them have failed to give a quality show or movie with different storylines. The writes did an amazing job of creating a good script.
The series portrays three male protagonists. The first storyline is about a college student who is a lament about his love life and has a crush on his fresher. The other one is about a long-distance relationship of three years, and the guy gets to know that his girlfriend cheated on him. The third one is about the married guy and how he is struggling to meet his end of the marriage. The writers did an amazing job to squeeze all kinds of relationship stuff in this show. The pros of the show are that its highly relatable to the youth and easy to attract the viewers. Although there is nothing new as such with the concept, we have seen tons of shows or movies having the same base for their show. Nonetheless, its good to have such creators who take the common topic and yet have us glued to the show. That in itself I feel is not less than talent. There are some flaws with the show, as some of the characters I felt were unnecessary. But hey, who’s perfect. The cast is pretty solid with their performance, and I feel they are the main reason to alleviate the show of ordinary. There is one monologue in the show by none other than or cheated guy, and that is one sight to behold. The show gets a strong rating of 7/10.

Aam Admi Family

Streaming on mx player, Aam Aadmi family is a creation of timeliners studio and has 3 seasons with a total of 17 episodes. The title gives us a pretty good idea of what the show is about. A common middle-class family is showcased in the show and is the best one. It showcases how an ideal family is, from the viewpoint of society. And the creators have nailed it perfectly. The family consists of 5 members, mom dad son daughter, and grandma. The show is awesome and light. The way the characters are portrayed and the relationship with each other is just as realistic and something to look out for. For instance, how there is always some unsaid word between son and dad, and how mom is always a bit biased towards the son.
The good thing about the show is that there is no need to indulge your brain, its that light. The show doesn’t have any storyline per se but every episode is about a small instance in the life of a middle-class family, in more series terms, the show is filler one. Meaning it doesn’t have any storyline to follow and each episode is independent of each other and hence does not get confusing at all. The series is filled with tons of jaunty scenes and definitely doesn’t lack other emotions too. The biggest pro to watch this show is that the viewer can instantly relate to that moment in the show.
The seasons do however minute, tells us a tale. In season 1 it’s all about family, 2nd season is about the daughter getting married, and so on. The episodes are short and sweet not more than 15mins. Even though in this cynical world its good to have this kind of picturization.

Hear me, Love me

Streaming on amazon prime, hear me love me Is a reality show hosted by Shilpa Shetty. The show is about finding true love amidst all scandals and modern definition of love. Just like many other reality show the story line is not that different. The show focuses on ladies finding their perfect one. It starts with a girl going on three blind dates. The dates are such that the girl can hear the voice of her date, visit his home meet his parents and everything, but not see his face. After three dates girl chooses the best suitable man for her whom she’ll date and we are left to assume that they will date after the show. To be honest, here the show seems to be scripted even though it’s a reality show.
The show was released to compete with other love reality shows on various other platforms like MTV, Channel V, and many more. The men and women are both heavily objectified on the show, with men being handsome and tall, and ladies with all their makeup to look em glamorous. But that the reality of TV shows, no one wants to see dark complexion or fat or ugly. Shilpa Shetty who is the host of the show is seen trying her best to lift the show up. Her one-liners are definitely the best in the show. The show as such don’t have any surprise element in it and hence its just plane old show. Instead of releasing the show in one go, the directors could’ve realized the show on a weekly basis to keep that excitement high. The show is good, nothing out of ordinary. One time watch is good. It receives a rating of 3.1/10.


Produced by SonyLivs studio, Love Bytes is now streaming on youtube. The series is heavily youth-targeted. The storyline is about a young couple having a live-in relationship and about their problems and issues. The couple has shown with their busy schedule both as working individuals.
The main plot of the series was to show what kind of problems and issues young couples face in a live-in. But I feel the writers overdid it. The series heavily focuses on the fights and stuff and not much on how to come up with a solution or a way out of the problem. The actors did an incredible job to lift up the show, and I feel that’s why it gets irritating at one point because everyone is rooting for their love to move on past the fightings all the time.
So if you are in a relationship and it not going good then it might be good to watch this show and feel a bit relieved to know that couples do go through stuff. If you are single and want to know what kind of stuff happens in a relationship then it’s a series to look out for. I guess that’s what the writers might have been thinking.
The series is 26 episodes long and each episode span for 30 minutes.
Season 2 is better than season 1, I think the writers did rectify their mistakes. Season 2 is more audience targeted and makes one stick for the next episode. The cinematography is also to be appreciated here, with the storyline having flashbacks and the current moments which they pulled off really good. The actors convey the drama and emotion parts in the best way possible. The rating of the show is decent, receiving 6.6/10

Love Is Blind

Netflix’s other show in the collection of the reality show. Love is blind is a dating reality TV show, where it helps to find the contestants find their love of life apparently. The concept of the show, we are familiar with but not that often seen in dating reality shows. The show is about strangers falling in love with other strangers without ever meeting them in person. I know it’s a lot to take in, w=but that’s what it is.
They can communicate with each other through some kind of pods for the audio-only. Before the start of every episode, the hosts ask a question- “is love truly blind”, which I think was a good quirk to the show. The show seems more of a study than a reality TV, cause it feels like they are testing the veracity of the statement “love is blind”. There’s many things to look out for in the show, like how one woman feels like marrying a guy 10 years younger to her. And other interracial couples who think society will be fine with them but their own respective families are against the same.
The show received a lot of bad criticism saying it is not healthy and has negative effects on the viewers with its toxicity. But hey is it not with almost every reality show out there, to grab the TRP and those numbers?
The show helped us to observe people and most importantly what cynical thinking is behind every race or family or the people of a certain age. The show is heavily addictive thought, with all the insane amount of drama and I suggest you to not let yourself lapse in the show. The show received a decent rating of 6/10.

End Of The f***king World

Netflix series, end of the fucking world is one of the biggest hit shows. The show is what is particularly known as the sleeper hit show. Meaning it was not blockbuster on the release but was hit later on. The show has 3 seasons. The storyline is dark, with a hint of humor, which crackles us in the darkest of the moments is based on a graphic novel by Charles Forsman. The show’s cinematography is dark and silent with not much of anything in the background. The series starts with a skinny British kid walking in the middle of the road with a nice melody in the background. The story is about two teenagers and their messed up life. Both their home troubles is what brings them together and maybe even catch feeling for each other. The first 2 episodes are slow and the pace catches on from the 3rd episodes onwards. Things really start to happen when they both steal a car and go off to someplace else but later on meet with a crash. Later in the show, we learn about their family history and hence give us a little explanation of their messed upside.
The episodes are not more than 22 minutes long and thus one season can be finished off in well-rested noon. The teens in 1st season, unfortunately, commit murder. And the end is with police catching up to them. The rest of the seasons follows what happened next. The title however is pretty clear, and we do know that it is not going to end that well.
The rating as per IMDb is 8.1/10. The show is filled with all kinds of emotions but with different zest, and is totally worth the time.

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