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Let me give you a wonderful ride to the best sci-fi series out there. Listed down is a list of series with briefings and reviews so that you can choose what suits you best! Thank me later!

Are you done with drama, romance, and comedy? Do you want something new on your plate that you can enjoy? Well, we all love fiction and fulfill our wants by watching the series. With a rapid interest of millennials in binge-watching, a number of platforms have been introduced. We all know what Netflix has to offer but have you considered others? Well, if not now is the time to do so. Let’s not forget television is still in the market. Amazon Prime, HBO, and Hotstar to name a few are loaded with great content and genre especially when it comes to science and fiction.
Science and fiction have grabbed a lot of attention and interest lately. It usually deals with fiction that relates to science, technology, theories, space adventure and what future holds. They are actually what stick around with the audience because the concepts are brand new and different.


Series Gamer best sci fi shows

IMDb- 8.1/10
TV.com- 8.3/10
Rotten Tomatoes- 100 %
Genre- Science-Fiction, Thriller.
The creators of this series Justin Marks bring us all about a parallel universe, a concept which I guess everyone is familiar with. There has been a lot of speculation of the parallel universe but this show gives a very different insight into the topic, also mixed with a ton of spy things.

The Counterpart Season 1
Release Date- 10th December 2018
The story to the season starts with a low-level bureaucrat in an agency under UNITED NATIONS. Being involved in his daily 9 to 5 job is not satisfying and acceptable to him. One day while working our protagonist Howard Silk finds a gateway to the other dimension. In the other dimension, Harold is a gritty spy. J.K Simmons did a very plausible job of playing with both these characters. The show is worth the watch just for the acting alone. An incredible job is done while performing one of the characters but pretending to be the other, which Simmons pulled off perfectly. The show doesn’t deal with the normal theory of the parallel universe which is already in existence but with the fact that it was an experiment that leads it to the cold war in the 80s. Few of the people know about the existence of such in both the universe and hence there is sort of a peace treaty that allows one another to share the advancement to help each side. Here the show tells us that the parallel earth had medical advancement whereas we have electronic advancements. Other than this the story is based on plain old conspiracy and the characters involved in chasing behind it. Besides the story, there are some fine side characters which are quite interesting. The storyline is based in Germany which I think gives the plot a big edge as it gives the feeling of the cold war. Further, into the show, it feels like the story is really familiar like it is the collection of several such related movies or series. From time to time I won’t lie but I was confused a bit too much into the spy world. However, the strong cast of characters really helps the show together.

The Counterpart Season 2
Release Date- 9th December 2019
Season 2 was a fantastic advancement of season 1, more than just the dual performance of J.K Simmons. Season 2 really did a great job by introducing and involving other characters into the storyline. The main plot of the season 2 is that people from both the world should not meet each other, the results would be catastrophic, so to prevent this from happening all this, Harold has contributed heavily in the storyline. Further, into the series, it feels like the show is drifting in its own mess but all thanks to the character-play, the show did not lose itself completely.
It is a great watch for those who are into conspiracy, riddles and spy stuff which ultimately relates to spying stiff. The fascinating concept and the rating are so justified for the whole storyline. Also, the stuff about the parallel universe is amazing and very indulging.


Series Gamer best sci fi shows

IMDb- 8.1/10
Rotten Tomatoes- 95%
Genre- ‎Drama; Science-Fiction; Action‎; Superhero‎
Created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons Watchmen is a comic adaptation of 1987 DC to the live-action series. The series is about masked vigilante hired by the government later declared criminal and about the survival of the heroes.

The Watchmen Season 1
Release Date- 20th October 2019
The season serves as one of the coolest and intricate art of the Television, set in an alternate history where masked vigilante are treated as outlaws. Most of the storyline is from the original comic but also works on itself to break grounds. I liked the beginning of the season with all the odd and strange elements, setting up all the plots with so many mysterious characters such as ‘Dr. Manhattan’. What to love about this series is that every episode dives deep into some of the other characters. With episodes 6, 7 and 8 one can experience engaging content and plotting. It is one of the greatest televisions I’ve ever seen in a long time.
Being a DC fan, this web series gives a pretty nostalgic feeling to me and I am sure to a lot of viewers out there. The way the flashback is shown in black and white, not different at all but yes stupendous and terrific. When you have Dr. Manhattan you can play with time especially with the relativity. All these open up new and exciting storylines and the producers grabbed that opportunity and did one hell of a perfect job on that. In the span of these 3 episodes, all the questions that were previously there stuck in the audience’s mind were almost answered.
The back story of a few characters such as Will Reaves, Dr. Manhattan and the episodes dedicated to them are all worth watching. There was one episode where Dr. Manhattan is there himself and his ability to take everyone out who he wants to leave me startled and was worth extolling. The story progression, character build-up, the fact that it would be so interesting was unexpected for a series like this. The camera movement, the transition of the scenes is meticulously handled and much appreciated. Although you can sometimes see the poor animation and structured scenes but all that is balanced with other aspects of the story. The season finale one sight to behold was all mesmerizing and thrilling. In the end, Dr. Manhattan loved by all, unfortunately, dies by the end of the season.
If you want to watch a web series that slowly builds up on the plot points and heavily pays of in the end on those plot points then this series is definitely should be on your list. The only thing to look out for is that the first half of the season will not get to you. However, if you hold it till the last episode then I can promise there won’t be any regrets, at all.


Series Gamer best sci fi shows

IMDb- 8.7/10
TV.com- 8.6/10
Rotten Tomatoes- 85%
Genre- Science Fiction, Western
Jonathan Nolan is once again back with a mindboggling web series to give some indulging treat to the entire web series lover out there. This series is all about the comprehensive technology that is really very indulging.
Adapted and taken the idea form the movie called West World, it follows the same plot with a big twist of introducing the technology.

Westworld Season 1
Release Date- 2nd October 2016
In some parts of the future, there is a game based on a theme park in Wild West and the players in the game are actually the characters. They can do whatever they want in there. Also, there are lots of different stories taking place simultaneously. This series makes you think and ask questions to yourself and for me, I think when that happens it really is the best web series ever. The story is very well balanced with all the things going on behind the game, with the programmers and all. Till the very last moment, you cannot decide if the creator of the game himself is a bad guy or one of the good guys.
The makers made sure that one genuinely questions their conscience and what’s the difference between the robots and themselves. We all have seen many shows and movies about AI but taking the same base and introducing it as well as new, are really a win-win situation. One of the good things about this series is that it builds a plot of AI gradually giving viewers the time to absorb it avoiding any kind of rush. It really rewards you for the investment of your time, unlike many series and movies out there. West World is what one might say a stupendous entertainment and cinematography.

Westworld Season 2
Release Date- 22nd April 2018
As good the first season was I would say the second season was a bit messy and couldn’t carry on the ease of understanding. The characters that were loved in the first season are now all bland. It’s all an unrequired complicated mess. I am not saying that it’s not good or anything, it is brilliant in some places but mundane in others. Being a big fan of Jonathan Nolan I really appreciate what he did with the concept but it eventually turns out a bit dull. Kudos to his efforts of addressing the idea of AI, displaying its use and abuse by mankind. In this series, Anthony Hopkins played the creator of the game and for me, this is his by far the best acting ever.
The season is still pretty much packed with action, twists and turn which in some way balances the dullness of this season. This usually happens when the creator gives their all to the first season. The seasons onwards then don’t really seem interesting. The storyline, acting, visuals, and graphics are at its best. There are still some of the best episodes of the web series in this season like the nasty killing scenes which I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget.
The 1st episode of this season was really not worth the opening. I completely felt disconnected from what I saw first in season and what it was all about. Delores was the main character in the first season and everybody loved her but in the second season she was completely neglected and you don’t see her often. There is too much time jumping, there was really no need for that except some of the big reveal there was. Too hard to keep track of what’s happening, as soon as u get hold of something, it all completely changes and back to square 1. The balance was really missing for most of the time in season 2. The finale episode was one of the dense and deepest episodes I’ve ever seen in web series. There were some truly incredible film making and cinematography. Some of the reunions in the season really lack the drama, viewers were looking for.
Jonathan Nolan really did bring out his imagination and hard work again by the means of West World. The first season was one to die for. However, the second season comparatively was slow but yes, the story was as amazing as ever. The second season really wants you to work your brain out, meaning it is really and heavily complicated.


Series Gamer best sci fi shows

IMDb- 8.4/10
TV.com- 8.6/10
Rotten Tomatoes- 92%
Genre- Science-Fiction, Crime Drama
Being a dedicated fan of TV shows, I can assure you Person of Interest is the one to die for. Jonathan Nolan is one of the popular British- American screenwriters who created this amazing and mind-boggling TV series. The idea revolves around ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (A.I) surveillance technology which we are well versed with. Nolan took it a step further where a machine so powerful with a mind of its own can predict future based on pattern and behavior recognition.

Person of Interest Season 1
Released Date – 22nd September 2011
The first season gives the introduction of the main cast which is essential further into the show. The first five episodes are a bit slow since they are introductory and make the audience familiar to the cast and out shows protagonists. John Reese is introduced as an alcoholic and a beggar but had lived a life of CIA agent and Special Forces for the USA. HAROLD FINCH, an incredible scientist, the one who created the machine. Mr. Finch offers Reese a job which is very much in the fields familiar to Reese. The season also (of course) introduces the machine (indirectly). Mr. Reese agrees on the job. This season also shows and introduces ELIAS, one of the best villains out there in the series.

Person of Interest Season 2
Released Date – 27th September 2012
Season 2 starts with Mr. Reese eager to find his employer turns entire New York upside-down. The kidnaper who goes by the name of Root who happens to be of the best hackers there is to know about the machine but needed Finch’s help to understand the working behind it. Season 2 gives all the details about the machine, its working, its operation and its connection to Mr. Finch.
To make things more interesting Nolan also involved indulging a set of characters to spice and take things to the next level. He thought this through not making it regular soap opera but much more than that.

Person of Interest Season 3
Released Date – 24th September 2013
Well, I am the one to vote season 3 as the best so far. I mean the time and imagination put together for something like this one blows your mind. Season 3 is packed with all kinds of action, emotions and of course the team chemistry. The name is SAMARITAN also an AI is made by the people for their personal use. Unlike our machine who is kind and helping, Samaritan is the one to be afraid of, it is ruthless, merciless, unforgiving, and just waiting for commands. Over the season we can see that the Samaritan hunts down the machine because it wanted to be one of its. And hunting the machine means hunting the people helping it. Packed with action, season 3 is all about the survival of our vigilantes.

Person of Interest Season 4
Released Date – 23rd September 2014
Season4 not so different is again about survival. Our heroes are forced to adapt new secret identities under the sinister watch of Samaritan which in this season tries everything in its power to draw of the machine and is referred to as the “WAR OF GODS” season. The gods here are a reference to the surveillance system. Our heroes still try to save people in danger even though it jeopardizes their new secret identities. The season ended with the heroes caught up in the war between two machines also showing the series might come to an end in the next season.

Person of Interest Season 5
Released Date – 3rd May 2016
So season 5 is the series finale season wherein both our machines in rivalry come face to face. This season brings out creativity and truly shows the efforts of the writer. The season shows the tragic death of the Root who was very much attached to the machine. The machine brings back help from all the important people it saved during 4 seasons along with our heroes. This season gives a magnificent display of emotions, the action and touches the hearts of viewers. I was completely disheartened at the season finale as finally our very own character of Mr. Reese comes to end. With Harold Finch losing his associate-best friend, the season ends with the victory of our heroes and the machine.

Jonathan Nolan gave the audience undoubtedly the best and one of the original contents to see. All in all, the series was exceptionally indulging, packed with action, dark humor and drama. The role-play was one to that needs utmost appreciation.

The Man in High Castle

Series Gamer best sci fi shows

IMDb- 8/10
Rotten tomatoes- 84%
TV.com- 8.5/10
Genre- Science-Fiction, Drama, dystopia
This is not at all the adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s best-selling
Novel but tells the tales of alternate history where Japan and Germany won the world war 2 and divided North America between them.

The Man in High Castle Season 1
Release Date- 15th January 2015
After World War 2 came to an end, the east coast of North America was under the control of the Nazi and the west coast under the Japanese. The show tells us different stories simultaneously, one being the main cast and other the political intrigue going on between both the Japanese and the Nazi government. Just the fact that America was to be controlled by two powerhouses was remarkable. If I were, to be frank, I was more interested in the two nations’ stories rather than a single main characters’ storyline. This show, unlike many others, is not at all about the individual story rather than the whole story is combined. At the end of the season, there’s a lot that left the audience hanging and in dilemma.

The Man in High Castle Season 2
Release Date- 16th December 2016
I would say with season 2 the unique storyline didn’t work out really well. This season lacked a little momentum at all. It didn’t capitalize on the cliffhanger from season 1. Being a show with a fantastic premise, it doesn’t go on with its stories and gives a halt to them. They tried putting a great show and I enjoyed watching it but yes it could’ve been a better season. At the end of every episode, it gets far too interesting which is something I personally did not like. At this point, you might have second thoughts about it but don’t let it overshadow your mind. I enjoyed it for the role-play and cinematography.

The Man in High Castle Season 3
Release Date- 5th October 2018
The man in the high castle who resides in the neural zones publishes a lot of documentary showing the loss of German side in World War 2. The main character, Juliana had a remarkable impact on this season. It was indulging for the viewers and we do wonder what might happen in season 4. The development of Juliana was one to watch out for. However, I think the season is too fragmented, unlike the previous seasons. Other than there is nothing to complain about, as always the role play was good, the acting was impressive, the effects were exceptionally well.

The Man in High Castle Season 4
Release Date- 15th November 2019
Season 4 served as show finale and felt rushed up to one. The creators did give us a hunch at the ending of the show with season 4. The story did wrap up very neatly, which is what we were looking for. All the storyline which were left untied in the past seasons were wrapped up pretty meticulously. However, a few components have failed too especially the murder of a minister. It was resolved later in the season but yet that felt a bit disconnected. Juliana on the other had become secondary in this season. The closure was justified well.
Man in the High castle, an alternate history show gave us some good insight as to what might’ve happened. Frank Spotnitz did a really good job to provide us with such an indulging show with unique plots and I loved the fact it did unravel a lot of historic events.


Series Gamer best sci fi shows

IMDb- 7.7/10
TV.com- 8.8/10
Genre- Sitcom, Science-Fiction
This is an America sitcom show about 4 aliens who are on an expedition to earth which is the 3rd planet from the sun, hence that is the name. On their expedition, they are supposed to observe the behavior of creatures- HUMANS.

Third Rock From The Sun – Season 1
Release Date- 9th January 1996
One of the best reasons to watch this show is the cast and characters. The wholesome cast and their bonding in this show is one hell of a great deal. The commander in charge of the aliens is referred to as Dick and his role in human society is a college Professor in physics. The development of these characters over the season as a whole and also as an individual gives this season its strength. The fact that how aliens try to cope up with human forms and miserably fail at it is really hilarious to watch. Also watching those reacting to small things that leave them startled is the funniest element.

Third Rock From The Sun – Season 2
Release Date- 22nd September 1996
As much fun as I had watching season 1, the same went for season 2. I think it was actually funnier and this fact really did not surprise me at all. The storyline is, of course, funny but also witty and interesting. Also, the holiday episodes featuring Christmas and thanksgiving were worth watching as it was completely new for the alien family and their reactions know to us. I always found myself laughing on almost each and every scene they made in this season. Rewinding to the previous scene was as funny as ever.

Third Rock From The Sun – Season 3
Release Date- 24th September 1997
Season 3 is again funny and I thought at first it might be the same as the first two seasons but this season introduces the concept of dreaming, not new to us but when combined with the alien factor, it is taking things on a fun roller coaster ride. Coming across dreaming, the aliens think they are defective and might visit their home planet for necessary repairs. This season is also packed with some romance and drama to give the audience a personal touch. The characters continue to give us brilliant performances and being funny has now become their thing. The physical comedy that makers have brought is one of the best ways to forget all the frustration at once.

Third Rock From The Sun – Season 4
Release Date- 23rd September 1998
At the end of the third season, one of the aliens gets kidnapped and the loss really gets to the other family members. A lot has been happening in their personal lives. The fact that these aliens are not used to human life and playing their part like that made this show a regular sitcom show. For the indulged fan base of this show, there are many twists and turns over the course of time. If one enjoys this seasons then the future episodes can also be expected to be funny.

Third Rock From The Sun – Season 5
Release Date- 21st September 1999
Being the second last season of the series, some crazy things happen with the cast which led to the series finale in the next season.
There are several stories weaved around the 4 aliens. Also with several other stories scattered throughout the season, it is one of the most indulging seasons than the rest. The family also blows everything out of proportion further in the show. The season 5 deals with different events also the situations of Bighead. Apart from all these, the season never really gets slow and droops over. The quality also got better in the coming years.

Third Rock From The Sun – Season 6
Release Date- 24th October 2000
As the last season of the series, we do see some changes in the cast. With Tommy going to college and with the rest of life, his role is quite minimalized in the season. As disheartening it is, at the end of the season the aliens are called back to the home planet. In many of the episodes, the story mostly highlights on Dick-Mary relationship. Overall the season is acceptable and good like the rest seasons but nothing worth mentioning as somewhat the story did feel a little sluggish. However, the hilarious jokes and comedy never went out of sync.
With the alien disguised as humans, this show tackles all the bones in your body. Never in the series had it felt boring, and this show is a treat to watch amongst all the serious and action-filled sci-fi web series.

Under The Dome

Series Gamer best sci fi shows

IMDb- 6.6/10
TV.com- 7/10
Rotten Tomatoes- 69%
Genre- ‎Science fiction‎; ‎Mystery‎; Drama
A resident of the town is faced with lots of problems when their daily lives are on a halt when a huge dome cuts them off from the rest of the world. The show is about survival until the government rescues them.

Under The Dome – Season 1
Release Date- 24th June 2013
The show somewhat related to the Lost was pretty good and did catch a lot of attention of the viewers, but as always there are some points worth noting for. Some of the character seems really crazy, filled with too much energy to put if I may say in soft words. The show however unlike many traditional shows did not believe in character building which I must say turned out pretty good. In one episode we didn’t know who the character was and why she was trapped in the hole. Also, no one really freaked out about the dome at first; they thought the situation might just go back to the normal. Like how, how is that possible? But it all felt well like didn’t really bother me at all. When the show dealt with life and death situations, that’s when the show went on the right track. One thing to notice in the show was you really don’t care if anyone did die in the show. And those who freaked out about the whole dome thing caused a lot of trouble in the story. The season gave us fantastic insight and made us stick till the last episode even with chaos still happening.

Under The Dome – Season 2
Release Date- 30th June 2014
The season starts with the dome attracting all the metal objects, the sight was not the one to behold but exciting. All the metal form building was being ripped off by the dome. Some new mysteries also introduced in this season like there might be a doorway to the outside world and all the characters are in the search for it. Stephen King took this show further away from the novel after deciding that the show has room for more improvement. So there it goes with all the new twists and turns, but not at all deviating from the current storyline. Also, the cinematography is one big feature of this series. Even though the storyline is progressing with new twists, the producers kept in check their style of conveying which I think is worth appreciating.

Under The Dome – Season 3
Release Date- 25th June 2015
Finally, this season introduces aliens and we were provided with some solid facts about the dome itself. The season ended with the dome being destroyed and also a glimpse of the fourth season where another dome might appear in another town. Season 3 kicked off pretty good and as with the previous seasons, it was also packed with action and dynamics. The dome also showed some powers like playing mind tricks with the characters and showing them things that were unreal. The storyline was remarkable especially the show’s unique alien invasion was one big surprise for all of us. The ending did give us an insight that there might be season 4 of this show. Is it worth watching? I would say yes because three seasons of this show were quite engaging then I guess season 4 might also not let us down.

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